Should I return a 15-year-old's birth control?

What is the morality of providing birth control for a 15-year-old boy who is known to be sexually active? I am aware that the child is in an objective state of mortal sin and have discussed that with him, but this child is in a bad place in his life and is repeatedly making poor choices. I know of his behavior because I found condoms when looking in his room for pot, and at first I took the condoms as I prepared to talk to him. Should I give the condoms back? I do not want him getting an STD nor would I want him to give one to a girl he hooks up with, and of course I do not want him to get anyone pregnant.

And so you are prepared instead to entrust his legal, physical, emotional, and spiritual safety – not to mention the safety of others – to a thin strip of latex rather than take control of his behavior and prevent him from having the opportunities to engage in sexual behavior that is immoral, physically and psychologically unsafe, and could well be illegal (depending on the age and ability to consent of those he is engaging in sexual relations)?

I’m sorry to have to be so blunt with you, but I think you have bought into the wider culture’s presumption that condoms and other forms of “birth control” render illicit sexual relations by minors “safe.” If you are to rescue this child from his “poor choices,” you are going to have to start by taking away the freedom he has abused up to this point to become involved in illicit sexual activity (not to mention drug abuse). Simply handing him back his condoms is better known as enabling.

I strongly urge you to contact the Pastoral Solutions Institute, a Catholic counseling apostolate for further assistance and referrals to resources in your area.

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