Should i reveal this?

so last year, i bought a couple cats from someone who was giving them up but my mom wasn’t happy about it so i gave them to this old lady i know. anyways, about 6 months later, the girl who had sold them to me texted me saking if she could have one back. now, i really didn’t want ot go and ask the old lady for it back because it would have been heartbreaking for her, she lives by herself and the cats are her only company now. i told the girl so but she just kept pestering me and wouldn’t stop. i eventually panicked and was dishonest about the old lady having deaths in the family. i guess i basically guilted her in to not asking for the cat back by making the situation seem worse than it was. i konw, it was horrible of me.

i did go confession for lying but should i try and contact the girl again so tell her that i lied in part? i still don’t intend to ask the old lady for the cat because i can’t just bring myself to do it so it wouldn’t relaly change the situation. i wish i wasn’t such a horrible person

No. And it sounds to me from your posts that you are developing scrupulous tendencies so you need to get under the care of a holy priest right away for this problem. it can escalate.

I have to agree with 1KE.

The girl sold it to you. End of story. She can ask for it back but you have every right to say no. And if she keeps pestering you, you can be very firm.

I don’t think it was a bad lie that needed to be Confessed (open to corrections here). If the girl can’t accept that, well she just has to grow up. She willingly parted with it, and learning to let go of what you should let go of is life.

As a cat owner myself who would never part with my pet, I gotta give you kudos for being so considerate toward the old woman who’s now the legitimate owner of the cat.

If my advice doesn’t work, pull a King Solomon on the girl and tell her you’ll cut the cat in half for her.

She sold you the cats and six months later asked for one of the cats to be returned?
They became your cats when you bought them so she had no claim over them.

It probably would have been wisest to ask your mother first if she objected to have cats, but with time you will possibly become more practical before succumbing to impulses.
You muddled your way through but you could take it as a learning experience as to how you might deal with things in the future.

It sounds as if the girl and you may be fairly young and will yet come to learn to be more practical about handling issues.

There was nothing wrong with giving the cats to the elderly lady.
You could perhaps have given the girl the chance to take the cats back when your mother rejected them, or asked if the girl minded if you gave them to a lonely old lady. I’m sure your gift has given the elderly lady much comfort.

You just need to put the whole episode behind you, but there is no need to say anything more to the girl.
You’ve been to confession for your nervous lying, so just leave your worries to God now.:slight_smile:

You’re not “a horrible person”, but a sensitive caring person.
God give you peace.

I know it’s hard to say no to someone who keeps pestering you about something. But after 6 months, and with you paying for them, she had no right to ask for one of them back. Lying to the woman who took in the cats was probably the best you could do. Unless you wanted to tell her that the person who sold them to you was insisting on getting one of them back. She may have given you some advice on how to deal with it. Otherwise I agree with what’s already been said. If you still feel bad about it, talk with your priest.

You went to confession. That’s sufficient.

In these situations, try to weigh the pros vs the cons. I think it’d do more damage to try to rehash all this, and I see basically no good coming from that.

Had it been a situation where some good would come out of revealing it, more so than not, I would have said to go for it, but no. Just leave things as they are.

No. Once she sold them to you they became yours. Let the lady have the cats in peace and stop worrying abut this.

i would have asked my mom but she was out of town and my dad was fine with it and thought she would be too.

i didn’t give them back to the girl because she said she was moving out of town and couldn’t take them. but thank you all for your advice

If you sold a car/bike/house to someone and you decided you wanted it back after six months, what would you be told, sold is sold, and she left them with you for half a year, you did your best, you did not get them put down, personally she has some cheek asking for them back, give her directions to the nearest cats and dogs home where animals are waiting to be rescued . If she was that attached she would have come forward much sooner or better still never gave them away. My reply would be Hasta La Vista Baby.

This is a classic white lie. While technically sinful, this does not need to be corrected, nor even confessed.

As per 1ke’s advice, it is time to talk to a trusted priest. If you can’t determine for yourself how to handle a simple white lie such as this, you need to start getting spiritual guidance.

Do not contact the previous owner again, in regards to the cat. They are not her cats anymore; there are lots of cats looking for homes and if she wants one she can adopt it from somewhere else.

Fair enough!
Anyway it’s all over now, and the elderly lady has her beloved companions.
You did a kindness to her that will continue to give her companionship.

That ordeal over, hopefully you can move on with peace. :slight_smile:

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