Should I say anything about the morality of this wedding?

I hope you can help me. My sister-in-law is engaged to an unbaptized, divorced father of two children. He is currently going through the annulment process. The annulment has not been granted, but they have already set a date, booked the church and attended engaged encounter. I’m very concerned because the annulment hasn’t been granted, they are living together and he’s not baptised. I don’t think they have been upfront with the priest about everything. This man doesn’t attend any church and has two unbaptized children. I’m an in-law, and I’m afraid to say anything that would upset the family, but I just see so many things that are not right, and I’m afraid she’s making a big mistake. I’ve discussed this with my husband, but he said she’s old enough to make her own decisions. He doesn’t agree with it either, but feels our concerns won’t be heard. Her parents were upset, but have now decided to just go along with it. If the priest knows about all of the issues…ie, nonbaptised and annulment not granted… shouldn’t he advise her? Should I just let it go and not concern myself? Thank you in advance for your time and expertise.

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