Should I say something, or nah?


So I am part of the pregnancy community answer site. I happened to stumble among this woman who wrote about how she had an abortion when she was 18, but now shes 34, a doctor with no regrets (She was telling this girl to not ruin her life and do the responsible thing when she got pregnant during college, I told the girl to go put the child up for adoption and let it live (I dont see why people think abortion is the right and responsible thing)). When I run into posts/answers like this, I tend to have an urge to say something, as if the baby would be saved. Should I say something? Or should I just leave it be. It just hurts my heart knowing people have no regrets for killing their child, and I just feel like I have to do something , you know? But I honestly just wanna let it be, because its stupid, reprimanding someone for something that happened in the past, and I am afraid I may bring back some haunting feeling or hurt her. So, am I obliged to say something, or nah? Also, happy chinese new year!


The best thing may be to pray for her.

And happy Chinese New Year to you!


Should I pray that she has a change of heart, and go for absolution after realizing her sins? Also hopefully the other girl keeps her child.

And thank you!



Pray about it. ( Catholics let me know if I say anything wrong here please)
Maybe you can say something like personally I’m pro-life and there’s adoption. Who knows maybe your son or daughter might knock on your door or give you a phone call thanking you in 18 years for choosing adoption.

Abortion is not something you want to risk regretting for the rest of your life.

Maybe mention that you hold no hard feelings towards the woman and offer some organizations that are Catholic friendly that can help her with adoption or with being able to raise the child.

Also if it’s like a forum - even if the woman chooses to get an abortion… later on someone considering abortion might see your post and choose life.


Sounds great, and that she receives God’s comfort on her road to repentance.


@Guest1 I would… but I am afraid of hurting her even though she said she has no regrets. Because I know deep down women like her may be deeply traumatized.


Oh, if you are on a pregnancy board, maybe congratulations are in order?


@Annie Yep! The people here are actually very supportive


With a person that had the abortion and saying that she has no regrets … Just because she’s saying that doesn’t mean it’s 100% true.

Pray for her and consider asking a Saint to pray for her too.




@Annie @Guest1 do you think it would be appropriate too say, “Personally, I am a very pro life Catholic. And this hurts me in a way. I will pray for you and your family and please find Gods light and find repentence. I understand that you are most likely atheist, but please consider going to a Catholic church and talking to a priest.” Or just praying for her will do the trick?


Thank you so much!


I wouldn’t. She doesn’t sound like she is in a place where she would do anything other than push those ideas away.

Praying is so good because it brings God into the situation, and He can do so much than we can!


@Annie Okay, you are right. I will just include her in my prayer tonight, that she finds Gods love


Pray for her. Hopefully she has the child and gives the child up for adoption.


@YourNameHere well i hope the other girl has her child, sadly this other woman already aborted her child a long time ago, but I will include both in my orayers


Well fighting the evil of abortion is about saving lives so If you think a life is in danger because of what this person is saying then you should say something.

Think about first responders.


Sounds like she did say something to the girl considering abortion but she’s wondering if she should also message the doctor. I think the doctor might see her post anyway if it’s public.


I think you should continue to advocate for life. Who knows, you could save more than one life.


Yeah, somebody saying something doesn’t tell the whole story. She might really mean it or she might be saying it to quell the doubt inside her. Prayer is a must.

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