Should I say something, or nah?


I don’t know if you are obliged to say. But if you want to say something say something. You know you are right. I usually hold my tongue and there is usually a voice inside telling me that I am hurting myself with so much censoring just to avoid arguments (which I dislike). When I do some up the courage, after being called an idiot a couple of times I’ve come to realize that it’s not that much of a big deal, being looked down.
People who say “the baby will ruin your life” act like they know the future already. Who is to say a college degree will just make you happy? Bring you more money (maybe!) but happy? I think FearOfMissingOut is the root of all this fear of keeping the baby = fear of missing out something that isn’t yet written and that is life.
I am also not okay with Christians jumping to say “offer to adoption” as a solution that seems acceptable. No wonder it does not convince many women to keep the baby just to toss it away. This makes you feel like a baby-making-machine. Why can’t she just keep the baby, the college offer her a special schedule to finish her college education too, and later on she can meet someone who can foster-father the child or maybe the real father comes back in her life and wants a family. Let God work. If God send a child to an unwed couple He knew what He was thinking. How do we know for sure He must’ve meant adoption? Maybe she is a great mother and will make the kid very happy and she does not know it yet. Or her soul and the soul of the baby need each other, they have to meet in this life, in order to be saved.


I wouldn’t say “you are most likely an atheist.” You can’t just assume that.


@yankeesouth @poche are you saying i should say something? If so, what?


Ah true, im sorry.


@Mary888 so would it be best just to include the person in the prayers? Also btw, the other girls said she wants to keep her child thank goodness.


The person who said this already preformed her abortion, she was trying to tell another girl to have one, but i already told the girl not too


@YourNameHere @Annie @yankeesouth @shrodingerscat @poche @Mary888 @Shasta-Rose @tk421

Thats what she said, seemed like someone replied to her, but for the original poster, many already told her to keep the child, as her question was. also this other women was asking for excuses to tell people when she has her, thing. I told her to keep her child, but please pray for her to keep her child because i told her to keep her precious child already, but prayers may convince her to keep it


ALWAYS speak up for the innocent unborn. Silence can in itself be a sin of omission.


If you’re using yahoo answers you can make your account private and your post anonymous. If that helps with anxiety over posting pro-life answers.


@CajunJoy65 @Guest1 I already asked the others to keep the child. Im talking about what should I say to the woman who already had one. Pray that they keep their child please. I already begged the other women who were considerung it to keep it, but im unsure if they will follow my advice, byt please pray that they do and keep their innocent child


No, I don’t think this would be appropriate. And why do you assume she’s an atheist?


I would be tempted to say to the doctor “maybe you have no regrets, a lot of women who have abortions do, for them the pain is real and traumatic, and that risk (of lifelong regret) is something that a responsible doctor would realise needs to be factored into any decision, and not ignored as if no one ever regrets having an abortion”


She is a Phd, not an MD


Im sorry haha, i just get mad sometimes and defensive. I didnt say anything though.


Oh - well, substitute “responsible doctor” for “responsible person”.


@YourNameHere @Annie @yankeesouth @shrodingerscat @poche @Mary888 @Shasta-Rose @tk421 hey um I have another worry… so I came with the conclusion to not bother the woman who responded to her. But know Im worried. On the site I came across a few women considering abortions. Of course I begged them not too. But Im afraid, what If that wasnt enough?!? What if I had a chance, but I didnt do good enough? Please help calm me down.

Edit: I panicked. I went on the posts with these women and kinda went crazy. Since I couldnt post a direct answer I had to comment on an answer from someone else. For example this one woman told this woman to just lie to her officemates about it, I replied to that woman and said “she shouldnt lie to her officemates, let alone have an abortion. I pray that this woman changes her mind and embraces the gift of life and I pray this world will all find Gods grace”


The first thing you should do is to pray for those involved or considering an abortion, right?

Praying will put the matter in God’s hands. Let Him do what is necessary: He will do a much better job than you or I could!

If, after praying in a way that leads you to forget your own potential involvement–you have put the entire matter in God’s hand and left none of it in yours, maybe the Holy Spirit will prompt you to say something–I have found these things are not at all what I thought of saying or would normally come up with myself.

It seems like you have a true compassion for women considering abortion, maybe you can offer up the discomforts of your pregnancy for them? Say a Divine Mercy chaplet for them?

One consideration is that you can go crazy trying to correct errors on the internet, the other is your hormones are going to affect you now, and for up to a year after your baby is born. You need to protect yourself and your state of mind during this time, for the sake of your baby. (I have been through this, so I speak from experience.)


@Annie Okay… i will put the matter into Gods hands. I will say some hail marys and multiple prayers for them… and your right i should calm down haha, thank you though.


So, we are in agreement.


I personally think that an internet forum is not necessarily the place to go on an evangelizing spree. have you ever seen a person on THIS forum change their opinion on a topic that they had made their mind up on? And we’re mostly Catholics!

I know exactly how you feel, but I’m not sure how effective it is to go looking for people considering abortions. If you happen across a woman looking for support and who is deciding what to do, by all means encourage her. If people don’t seem receptive, don’t reply to them after the first post. For your own mental health.

Dont take my advice though. I recommend chatting to a priest about it so he can set your mind at rest.

Anecdotally, a friend of mine received a message from another pro life person to go on a specific pro choice Facebook page and give the page a bad review, saying it was posting lies about abortion. The media caught hold of this and the pro life side ended up loosing loads of face and ultimately the result of their well intentioned evangelizing was damage to the pro life cause.

There was sooo much great pro life campaigning in Ireland prior to the election. I’m not even sure it changed the election results by a single percentage point… so sad…

I’m not comparing what you are doing to that situation, but it’s food for thought.

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