Should I say something, or nah?


I will pray for her too!
Sometimes prayer helps in changing minds.
May the Lord help.


Yes, unless someone is asking for advice or engagement on the topic, any aggressive posts just seem inappropriate and tend to make posters lose credibility. These things do not change minds. I know the difference between receiving advice when I was atheist and when I was opening up to God. Not a single one of the well meaning but know it all people who lectured me changed my mind at all, and actually pushed me further away. But once I had my own experiences that started me searching, I was open to hearing. Be careful not to come across overzealous.


I cannot give this enough likes. I’ve been there, single, young, and terrified. And let me tell you, that baby is the best thing that ever happened – not just to me, but also to some other people in her life.


@Mary888 I do hope she changes her mind, or I will feel extremely guilty about not being able to convince her… but yes lets pray that our Lord helps her


Don’t please. My prayers go for you too. Guilt is for something we do not for something we don’t do.


I read several of the responses to your question and agree that prayer is vital, but would say to you anyone who says a child will ruin your life, has another agenda. Children don’t ruin your life they CHANGE your life, and most people are very afraid of change.
Most of us want everthing laid out in front of us, not realizing that every time we make a decision it takes us in a new direction.
Sometimes the direction is difficult and sometimes not so difficult.
But as soon as anyone gives us the hint that it maybe difficult we tend to back away from the challenge.
All of our actions have consequences like it or not. In this era if we don’t like something we throw it away hoping for something better, instead of taking something that is unpleasant or inconvenient and making it better.
When talking to Parliment about slavery, William Wilberforce said,
“You can choose to look the other way but, but you never say you didn’t know”.
When the opportunity is right saying something is always right, so that they will know.

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