should I say something?

do you think its licit for a catholic to burn incenses of that kind that says that they attract money, luck or something if they dont believe in them and do it just for the smell?

I know someone who does it, but i dont want to act like a crazy if there is no problem with those.

If it’s for the smell, then why not? Some incense stick really smell lovely. We shouldn’t be superstitious.

I love the smell of some types of incense. Many of them do have rather superstitious sounding names like it is supposed to be for love, luck, etc. I take no notice of the name, if it smells good that’s all that matters to me :stuck_out_tongue:

When i was growing up (later 60’s), it was a fad to burn incenses, In fact one of my sisters had a mini incense burner a little white ceramic 3 legged container. If one is doing it for the smell, something like a porporie, then it should be fine. if someone is burning incense as part of some prayer or new age belief that this will cause their prayer etc to happen then they are delving into new age/eastern religions. You stated that this person is doing it to attract money or luck then it seems like they are not doing it for the smell but reasons that are not so Catholic and good. I would check women of Grace web site since they have done and excellent job and a ton of research on new age/eastern religions.

No problem when it is for the smell.

Its not a problem if you burn incense for the smell.

If it could scandalize anybody you know, I’d definitely avoid burning that particular incense. If it wouldn’t scandalize anybody you know, then I guess it may be alright to burn for the smell. Be careful though, weird products like that could come with a curse attached. I just heard a former Satanist talk about curses attached to some occult jewelry that sells on the market. God bless you.

thanks for your answers, I was kinda worried for what ready said. anyway i got another question. and no, the person who does that is not me, that is why i asked if i should say something, anyway if you think he should get rid of those stuff how would you ask it?

anyway i want to ask you something else:
I know someone who has a human skull, and would like to know what to do about it, this person is not Catholic, so i dont know how to say something that could work in convincing him that he should seek a way to give it a proper burial or something, or if i should use some kind of do it for me and how would you do it.

yeah, i know that you might think that i should get away from that person, but he is of my family so I’d rather not.

About the person with the “lucky” incense, you could tell him that he could give scandal to the cashier from whom he purchases the “lucky” incense. You could also tell him about the former Satanists who mentioned that some producer of occult jewelry curses their products, which the weird incense company could possibly do to their incense, seeing it is a weird superstitious (= occult) kind of incense. You could mention that scandal is a sin and that curses do harm, if you think he does not know these things.

About the person in possession of a skull, you could gently ask him if he could bury it and lay the person’s skull to rest. I think that some saints of old owned skulls to remind them of their mortality, but they probably owned them only as relics of holy men they had known.

God bless you.

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