Should I say something?

My friend’s profile picture is him standing with two cheerleaders, wearing their outfits, should I tell him that he should probably change it? What cheerleaders where these days (im talking about nfl cheerleaders) is really immodest, it could cause other guys (possibly girls) to be tempted to impurity, should I say something? If so, how?

Unless you are his parent, no you should not “tell” him to change it.

You can *suggest *that he change it if you believe this is something he will listen to you about, if he is a practicing Christian he may be open to the understanding that the virtues of modesty, prudence, etc, would have us choose a different path when sharing with the public and presenting our Christian values to the world.

I agree. All I can do is guess that he may have felt impressed that he was able to get his picture taken with this two ladies. But it might appear different to other people. Some people get the wrong idea no matter what you do or show. :shrug:

A persons profile picture is a personal decision which is changed often. I would let it be, why take away from his moment of joy with negativity. Gee, these are cheerleaders not strippers.

Unless it is an immoral/suggestive photo; I would let it go.

Let it go. You’re not his mama. If it’s causing problems with you, just unfollow him.

Don’t mean to derail, but when I first read the post I thought that your (male) friend was wearing the (female) cheerleaders outfit himself! That would open a whole new can of worms :stuck_out_tongue:

You mean that no one can display a photo of girls in cheerleader outfits without you worrying it will “tempt” someone? I believe there are far more important things happening in our world that we should be concerned with. Besides, a friends profile pic is really none of anyone’s business other than those in the photo…


I see someone paid attention in English Composition class.

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