should i say something?

so there’s this lady at my church, so sweet and wonderfully devout. except for one thing, I have noticed that she tends to say “omg” a lot which of course really concerns me, for obvious reasons. I just don’t know how to bring it up to her, or if I even should. She really loves God and radiates her love to everyone around her, I just don’t relaly understand why this is something she should do. then again, she has a very thick accent when speaking English to maybe it’s a language barrier or something, or maybe she just doesn’t know.

I don’t really know what to do. I don’t want to be condescending or judgmental but it scares me to think that she might be in mortal sin because of this. otherwise, she has so much piety, she goes to confession often, grows flowers to bring to church, goes to adoration, EtC… and she told me yesterday that loving God was the most important thing. so I’m really confused

any thoughts?

A single flaw does not a bad person make. No one is perfect. If she is not harming anyone by doing so then there is no sin.

If this is her worst character trait then you are genuinely dealing with a kind and loving individual.

Something becomes sinful when we oppose and hurt God, and He is pretty clear about how we are supposed to use His name. Imagine people just saying your name over and over and over without any real reason…you would get pretty offended.

I knew someone who said that a lot. I finally got up the courage to mention it to her. She was shocked - she hadn’t even realized she was saying it. And I never heard her say it again.

If you do talk with her - be kind. Like the person I knew, she may not notice what she is saying.

You say “for obvious reasons”, but in fact it is not so obvious. There are priests who do not consider this a sin at all, depending on how the term is meant. I know a nun who uses the term often, and I believe when she does so she is in fact keeping God in the loop, so to speak. By their reckoning, if one is really appealing to God when saying this, it is not taking his name in vain.

I’m not saying I agree, and I was raised to never say this, but there are other perspectives on it. On that basis alone, I would not say anything.

It would bother me, too. If not you, somebody has to make a gentle correction, maybe asking the priest?

Saying “Oh my God” is not a sin. Let alone a mortal sin.

You are being scrupulous and NO you should not attempt to “correct” her.

wait, it isn’t? I’ve always been taught it was, isn’t it taking the lord’s name in vain?

I don’t really mean in a religious sense here, I mean “omg, what a cute puppy” or any other flippant way people use it.

if not, then what constitutes taking the lord’s name in vain then?

It is a sin. God’s Name is sacred, it must be used with reverence. You wouldn’t like it if people used your name as an expression. Imagine how it must be for God, hearing millions of people using His name as an expression of surprise, anger, frustration, and other random things.

God bless

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