Should I Share Testimony In Other Churches?


I gave my life to Jesus Christ through a friend of mine who is a Pastor.
My wife and I attended his Church for a few weeks, but it just felt wrong for her, as she was raised Catholic.
So now we have been going to the Catholic Church, and I am learning about our saviour through Catholic eyes.

But my Wife is scared I want to go back to the more vibrant, new age Church.
But our Lord told me to stick by my Wife’s side, so it’s an easy decision for me, I am Catholic.

Last week my Pastor friend asked me to share my testimony in a night service, and I happily accepted.
I take any opportunity to share the word of our Lord.
My Wife was against it, she wouldn’t attend, but could understand that it’s something I wanted to do, and I felt like our Lord wanted me to do it also.

I know my faith, and I am happy to be a part of any worship.
Is it wrong to do this?


I would say that tolerance is the best policy. Maybe you should preach about Jesus there, or maybe not. I would ask her if its the same Jesus what the problem would be.


It’s certainly not wrong to share how the Lord has drawn you to himself and blessed you, in any setting.

However, I have a couple of questions. You say you are Catholic; that is splendid. But one doesn’t become Catholic by just attending a Catholic church. You may have gone through the steps; in which case, forgive me for mentioning this. But we all need to be validly baptized, and hopefully confirmed in the church. Adults need to go through the Rite of Christian Initiation, to learn the church’s teachings. If you missed any steps, you could talk to your priest about what you need to do.

The other thing to know is that while a Catholic may attend services at other churches, we are not allowed to receive Communion there. You probably know this: receiving Communion is a sign of being in agreement with the teachings of that church, and Protestants do not have the valid Eucharist. They usually consider it symbolic, but even churches who believe their Communion is valid usually do not have a valid priesthood. So it would be giving the wrong impression to receive their Communion.

God bless you in your journey.


Is the pastor going to be happy about your testifying about Catholicism? It seems disrespectful. Or perhaps a trap. I can’t imagine the audience afterward is going to to tell you your wife just needs to be turned away to their true brand of Christianity. I’d hate to hear the born again stuff from a former catholic who isn’t going to a catholic parish at a service in the pew in a Catholic Church.

If the pastor knows you are currently attending the catholic parish with your wife and the pastor is a friend, then go ahead if you feel you are being led there.


Yes. It’s wrong. Sharing a testimony…is such a vanity thing.
Catholic services are much more humble.
We have our saints - over the centuries - if we seek for personal testimonies.
That’s just my opinion, of course.
I’m glad God told you to - stick by your wife’s side.
Don’t let the Pastor - tempt you with the night service.


I have been baptised Catholic, and am currently learning about my confirmation. I just chose St Titus as my saint, as he was like me, a pagan turned Christian, and Paul asks him to teach all the things I need help with the most.

Ive been to reconciliation twice. I’ll need a few more before I’m happy, but I have lifted my main sins.

I didn’t realise other Churches didn’t have priests. I thought they were all the same, with minor differences. My Wife wouldn’t accept the symbolic body of Christ, she looked like she seen a ghost when they offered her the bread and grape juice, so I didn’t accept it either. Soon I’ll have my first communion, I can’t wait. My Wife knows I like to do things properly. I’m committed to the Catholic life, although I have many misunderstandings, I am willing to follows the ways of our Lord.


I didn’t do it for vanity. I hate crowds, and especially speeches. After the service, I was getting to know the people there and their faith. One guy said he felt like it’s all imaginary and he wasn’t going to come that night but he was glad he did.

Pastor Jacob invited us to dinner one night, and we had a good time. My Wife likes to discuss the important differences with non Catholics. I would too but I’m not educated enough in scripture, to do battle with a Pastor! I let her down once, but I’ll try my best to not let it happen again. I did show them my Rosary beads and talked about how important it was to me, explained a few Mysteries and they were genuinely interested.

I don’t see the harm.


Sounds like you’re doing great. It takes all of us a while to sort out things.
The thing about priests is interesting. The priestly office is passed on through the laying on of hands-- Christ laid hands on the disciples, and they did on their disciples when they passed on the faith, in an unbroken line down to today. Each priest can trace his lineage back to one of the apostles.

And i think (though it’s not required)) that it’s related to string theory, and when Christ laid hands on them, they were changed so that they could confect the Eucharist., and they passed that change on. When we receive the Eucharist, we also are changed-- gradually-- to be more Christlike.


Really? I don’t understand why you would say that. Our lives are living testimonies of our faith - both good and bad. I’m not sure his sharing in this setting is advisable, but we all should be sharing our testimonies. I was Baptist for almost 60 years when the Holy Spirit led me to the Catholic Church. How is that statement vain? If it helps just one person come to the Church…


Nope. It was against your wife’s will.

She refused to attend, you said.

Not good.


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