Should I speak up about Yoga at our Catholic School?

I’m ‘one of those moms’ in our Catholic School that has been labeled ‘too Catholic’ at our Catholic School. Of course I’ve been known to voice my opinion ‘too’ often on matters of the faith. Which in my opinion is a bit lacking at our school. Yes, I am not more Catholic than the Catholic school. But I’m not sure that’s a bad thing.
However, this year I have told myself I will pick my battles better. And I’m struggling.
I know that most Americans (myself till recently) don’t even know that Yoga is a part of Hinduism and everyone talks about how great it is. I’ve seen two very good Catholic friends move far from the faith in search of ‘love and light’ in the Yoga movement while still attending Mass and calling themselves ‘Catholic.’ And of course once Baptized you’re always a Catholic, but I’m sure you get what I mean. They are falling far from the faith in many matters.
Today my 11 year old said they are doing Yoga in Religion class. I explained to her that while the stretching is good for our bodies be careful what she accepts with some of it. In it’s pure form it is a religion and it isn’t ours. I’m not totally opposed to Yoga. I’m opposed to it in Religion class at a Catholic School without explanation of what it is and what we don’t believe…how to use it in a way that stays within our faith…not move us away. I like this teacher, I don’t want to burn another bridge with anyone at the school. But I’m not comfortable with this. Most say there’s nothing wrong with yoga and I should stop making it to something its not. But I bothered learning what it really is…or was anyway.
Should I say something? And if so, what or how do I say it? I don’t want to over do, but I darn sure don’t want to ignore something that could leave children away. I’m a convert and DRE, I take Catechesis very seriously.
Thanks so much!!

The following links should explain the Church’s teaching on yoga. If you have any further questions, please contact Catholic Answers directly.

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