Should I speak up?


Have a stituation here that needs your help. My neice is having a baby and she for what it is worth is a catholic meaning she was at least baptised in the faith her husband and his family are also catholic. Here is the problem she had ask her little sister to be the baby’s godmother because she is baptising the baby in the catholic faith anyhow my brother (her father) and his family belong to a non-denominational church and they too just had a baby who they are not baptising because they are told that it is purely symbolic. How is it than that my SIL is okay with her daughter, she will be 12 at the time being a godmother. I told her she is wrong to allow it and she doesn’t see it that way. How can I be okay with this, this is purely for reason’s other than Our Lord. My other niece who was my childs godmother converted and she gives him no recognition what so ever and she has told me she doesn’t believe in baptisim they way we do. All of these people belong to the same church. I just want to scream and yell at the whole thing. Any help in dealing with this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and God Bless


Yes you should speak up. One Godparent must be a practicing Catholic. Your niece could be a christian witness but that is all. At the baptism is your niece going to be able to renew the baptismal promises?

The relevant canons are -

One Godparent must be Catholic, 16years of age, recieved first communion, confirmation and be living an upright life, not have left the Catholic Church to join another church and can not be either parent.

Good luck sorting this all out.


Won’t the future Godmother have to have a letter from her pastor saying she is a practicing catholic? The last person I knew that became a Godmother had to have this. That was in the Cleveland diocese. I don’t know if others require it.


If you have a good relationship w/ your niece, maybe you can make a comment to her. Otherwise, I don’t see how you can really do anything about it. —KCT


I pretty sure a person has to be at least 16 to be a Godparent.


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