Should I stay Catholic?

I am confused as to what the will of God is for me. I went through RCIA a couple of years ago to receive First Communion and confirmation. I started to read some books that are against Catholicism and started to worry that if I remain in the Catholic Church I could jeopardize my salvation. At the same time there are things that I like about the Catholic Church. I stopped going to Mass but think about going back. I am not sure what to believe about the Catholic Church or where the Lord is leading me on this issue.

Perhaps one issue might be that you started reading books designed to tear down your Catholic faith while you were yet a new Catholic. As a convert to Catholicism myself, I can say that it can take years before a Catholic is grounded enough in his Catholic faith and educated in what it teaches to expose himself to anti-Catholic screeds. In my case, for a long time after my conversion I had to be very careful to avoid reading books I knew I would not be able to answer at that point. I spent that time reading instead books that would build up my faith and help me to understand it better.

That’s what I recommend to you. Browse through Catholic Answers’ shop site and look for books and other materials that will explain the Catholic faith. If you can purchase them, great. If not, then ask your local library to obtain them for you through interlibrary loan. Your questions have answers, but you must be willing to do the research necessary to find the antidote to the poisonous reading materials you ingested.

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