Should I stick with current job, switch to a new one, or do I'm doing and go to school?

First, I hope I put this in the right forum. That being said–currently, I work as an assistant manager in a fast food restaurant. The pay isn’t great, but I know that, if I work hard, opportunities for advancement and great salaries are definitely there. The other opportunity I have is pest control. The way the guy wants to hire me is to replace someone. No one there, other than him and me, knows that. I think that’s a bit shady. Plus it’s a frachise and small. Not really guaranteed work, you know. The job I currently have is with a very strong company and it’s not going anywhere. The other option I may have, not too long from now, is keeping what I’ve got, but go back to college as well. My wife seems to think I should stick with what I’m doing and see where it takes me. She thinks, in our situation, a degree would be a waste of time and money. With my job, the hours are long and tiring. But the employment is stable. Also, the company is HUGE. They own roughly 300 restaurants (technically a franchise…but BIG). So, opportunity for advancement is quite good. Plus a degree might be helpful in getting an office job. Bottom line? I have no clue what to do.

Don’t switch to the other job, it doesn’t sound like the opportunities to advance would be there. Plus, the work itself would be spraying poison in bug-infested houses, and if there are no bug infestations there is no work.

Why does your wife think college would be a waste of time and money? If you are not happy with your current job, you should try to find something you will be happy with. But the pest control thing just sounds like a bad idea.

At the pest control job you will be at the whim of the owner, who doesn’t sound like a person with integrity. You also have no future.

Your current job offers you stable employment, advancement, and other opportunities. I think you should stay there. I also think you should go to college. Education is the key to advancement. You don’t say why you wife thinks this is a waste of time and money. Education is never wasted. If you want advance in management, earn more, and have an “office job” you are going to need a degree.

I think the following are some things to consider and are not exactly clear based on your post:

  1. Your age. If you are young, college might be very beneficial, but if you are older, maybe not as much. Additionally, when you are young you can take risks with career opportunities a bit more than you can when you are older (more on this later).

  2. Tuition Reimbursement. You say you work for a big company - do they offer an tuition assistance to employees?

  3. Qualifications/skills for the two positions above you. Do your managers have college degrees? What skills/experience do they possess that you will need to obtain to advance? Evaluating that may help determine how valuable a degree will be.

  4. Future Flexibility - A degree may give you more employment options in the future should you decide to leave the field you are in. This also goes back to the age aspect. If you are young this is more beneficial, if you are older, you may want to continue on the same path. It gives you a fall back in case you never get promoted despite hard work.

  5. Risk - If you are adverse to the risks of the other job because of factors like kids, wife not working, etc then a stable job like you have might be the best fit.

  6. Finances/future - Eventually this will come into play. What are you and your wife’s plans for the future? Kids? etc? How does your current and future earning potential stay in line with and support your plans?

Ultimately I tend to lean towards the job you have now and going back to college. I feel a degree pays for itself over and over.

I agree with the advice to stay and look at the college. You say going back to college - certainly going back is a different situation from doing it from scratch. People who suggest not doing a degree might change mind when you’re halfway through or when you’re done - same with your wife, perhaps, hopefully - but think well about it, don’t rush.

Maybe you could start by taking a few classes at the local community college to get your feet wet and see how you like it.

*First, a degree is NEVER a waste of time and money, if you pick something that you can effectively use. If you get some type of degree in business administration, that can only help you to being looked at for more advancement opportunities. Just an example of a degree, but not having a degree puts you at a slight disadvantage over others who do–no matter what their degrees are in. Mainly the reasoning behind that is that propsective employers look at the commitment and effort a person puts into getting a degree, and ‘judges’ that against the person who didn’t get the degree. Does that automatically mean that someone who doesn’t have a degree will work less hard than someone who does? No not at all! But, when interviewing, all an employer has to go on is your education and work history…and I think a resume shines a bit brighter, if a person has at least a Bachelors. Of course, depends on what you’re going for, but if you have your sights on management, a degree can only help you.

So, I say…stay where you are…and look into college. Not suggesting you ignore your wife’s comment, and only you both know your financial situation and if you can afford school loans, etc…but, I think that she’s not seeing the full picture, and you might be selling yourself short if you don’t at least try to explore college options. Just my two cents…good luck! :)*

A degree is like a key to open doors. Its never a waste of time or money.

I would stay where you are, and look into college. The pest control job sounds shady, plus not as steady. Some days there may be no work, or only a few hours of work. Plus I would not want to work spraying dangerous chemicals.

Just my :twocents:

Education is NEVER a waste of time or money. Get a degree.

I would stick with the current job and take a subject or two each semester in college if it does not interfere with your marriage/family life. I would take the basics and see how it goes from there this way if you ever change your mind on what degree you want to complete it won’t be a waste of time. Just my opinion. Been there done that.

God bless

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