should i switch from catholic to sda?

well, actually i dont even know what to do. the reson i want to switch is that i begin to doubt sunday worship after i read some articles on the net. it said God, our Creator wants us to worship on saturday while the devil, seeking like to be our creator, wants us to worship sunday.

i am a roman catholic since birth, and so were my parents, and so were my grandparents, and so on. it is always that we go to church every sunday. the revelation warned us to avoid the mark.

you see, i dont want to just switch because my parents would not believe me, and i would be the only sda in my family. plus, i cant easily tell this because im just a 13 year old boy. im getting so confused.

  1. SDA beliefs (soul sleep, soul anihilation, Jesus is really St. Michael the Archangel, and many others) are non-biblical. They appeared nowhere on earth until America in the 1840s. USE CAUTION!

  2. God raised Jesus from the tomb on Sunday for a reason. He could have chosen the Sabbath of Saturday, but did not. In the Acts of the Apostles, you can see the Apostles meeting on Sunday. Jesus said “The Son of Man is lord, even of the Sabbath” USE CAUTION, as the evil one tries to divide the Church.

  3. No meat, even though the eating of meat is blessed and even commanded throughout the bible. Want to be vegetarian? Where is that in the bible? Another CAUTION.

  4. They do not believe in hell. If you fail to obtain Heaven, you will just be wiped out and no longer exist. Where is that in the bible? Another CAUTION.

  5. This could go on for pages. Just know that they share some beliefs with the Jehovah’s Witnesses. "Nuff said?

STOP! Reading anti-Catholic articles on the web! The demon will lead you astray and is already tempting you. Run to your priest and ask him about these things. Your confusion will melt away. While marginally Christian, SDA is verrrrrrrrry close to a cult. Remember David Koresh and the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas? They were a splinter from the SDA church.

Don’t fall for demon-lead lies. Seek the truth. A lie will not persist for 1,975 years! Jesus promised Peter in Matthew 16 that the gates of hell would never prevail against His Church.

The SDA teach that not only did the gates of hell actually prevail, but that there is no hell in the first place. Does this sound more like Jesus speaking, or the demon? Seek the truth and you will be rewarded.



Christ’s peace on your journey.

Then go for Saturday evening Mass instead. Reading stuff from the internet is good, but you must also be aware there will be certain untruths in some sites, especially concerning the Catholic Church.

You must be able to discern Truth from misinformation. To do this, you must understand why dissents and those outside the Church say as they believe, then compare their opinions with that of the Early Church Fathers, Catholic theologians and the Catechism of the Catholic Church and the Holy Bible. You’d be surprised how accurate the Church is in her teachings. Most of all, pray.

To answer your question, No.

First ignore the PMs you are getting from the SDA members and lurkers on this site. Then read this;


You cannot believe things on the internet to be true. If you understand an SDA Religion, then you would understand your own Catholic faith. The Sabbath Day is Sunday, not Saturday as in other religions. You can also attend Mass on a Saturday which makes it convenient for people who cannot attend on Sundays.
I think you need to read about the Catholic religion as being the one founded by Christ himself. If you realize this, you will never change and you will never reject the church Jesus founded. Good luck little one, God will guide you.

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I teach the 15-16 year old Sunday School class at my parish. It is also the Confirmation Class. I deal with young people in your age all the time.

You must remember that just because it is on the internet does not make it correct. If you put lies on a website, they are still lies. If you do biblical and historical research, you will learn that the Apostles were given the authority to make doctrinal pronouncements on earth that heaven would acknowledge. Further, Jesus himelfs said that he was the Lord of the Sabboth and that the Sabboth was made for man and not for God. Finally, Jesus rose on Sunday, making it the day of the sign of the new covenant.

Do some research on who founded the SDA. Learn about what makes a cult a cult. Read about the early Church. What you will see is that the SDA are as far from Christianity as the Jehovah’s witnesses and the Mormons.

Pray. Pray. Pray.

You can pm me anytime if you need to talk.

You only need to read up on the catholic Church and Protestant Reformation to make your decision. Then you must commit yourself to your faith. Catholicism mirrors Christ’s life. It is hard. It is a sacrafice, but it is in every since of the meaning, living your life for Christ as He taught His Apostles. It is the one Church where you can be in the Actual Presence of your Savior. But you already know that. :slight_smile:

You will read and hear many things about the Church but you must discern for yourself by studying and praying.

There were only two covenants given by God. The OT in part, is an account of the Law of Moses and the Commandments. That is the covenant given by God to the Isrealites to give them faith and lead them into the Promised Land. Moses was their prophet and their guide.

The NT is the account of the New Covenant as God forshadowed in the OT. God sent His Only Begotten Son as the New Covenant so that we could be in Heaven with the Holy Spirit. Jesus in order to fullfill God’s promise, had to be sacrificed. Before that was accomplished He gave the authority of all that He’d taught to His Apostles and made Peter His “Rock” but also promised to never leave the Church. From there the catholic faith has been in exsistance. For 2000 years Christ’s church has been a living, breathing, Body of Christians married to Christ through Baptism.

The other denominations did not come along until after 1500 and were started by men or women who didn’t like a particular aspect of the catholic faith and decided on their own to form a new church.

So I chose to be a part of the original Church Christ spoke of when He made Peter it’s Rock, not one of the churches that didn’t like the church and therefor left.

By calling yourself a “Protestant” you are protesting Christ’s teaching as handed down by the Apostles. Even Protestant Chruches admit that they are so because they don’t follow catholicism or they don’t follow another Protestant Church. SDA is one such church, they are broken off from yet a Protestant church and even further removed from Christ’s Church. But you know all this, you are catholic. So what has made you doubt?

I will you God’s Blessings in your journey. He will let you know where you should be. Just please be well informed. Don’t go into anything blind.

Peace Be With You.

well, actually i dont even know what to do. the reson i want to switch is that i begin to doubt sunday worship after i read some articles on the net. it said God, our Creator wants us to worship on saturday while the devil, seeking like to be our creator, wants us to worship sunday.

**Of course, everything you read on the 'net is true, isn’t it?

The commandment is NOT about worship.

NOWHERE is this enjoined.

It’s about abstaining from work, and it’s a work stoppage that extends even to one’s servants and farm animals.

Jewish practice was and still is to hold services TWICE DAILY.

And since Christ came, is there a day we can be UNholy and PROFANE on?**

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