Should I take a job with a wedding officiant company?

My boss knows I’m looking to save some money and lets me know about opportunities to make a little more to help in that cause. I certainly appreciate that.

She referred a friend of hers to me who needs some basic website maintenance. Turns out this person runs a wedding officiant business.

What should I consider in taking this gig?

Obv there are non-Catholics who have the right to civilly marry in the US, and working for a company catering to them I would think would be fine. But I also know that a Catholic could stumble upon the website, and this company would gladly take their business. Would I be culpable for that?

If your answer is I can’t take the job, I’d appreciate advice on how to turn it down respectfully and courteously.

I honestly don’t which way to go myself. If I don’t take the job, does that mean it’s not OK to work for any non-Catholic wedding officiant company? Say one catering to Episcopalians or Buddhists? If what the company is doing is immoral, where does that end? How do I know everyone who employs me is say, not supporting Planned Parenthood, or mistreating their employees?

Thanks in advance for your time.

I wouldn’t worry about Catholics coming to the site because they can always get their marriage convalidated later. The real concern is people coming to the officiant for same-sex “marriage.”

I think you could start the job and see if you are asked to type anything on the site promoting that. That’s when you can speak up or bolt for the door, whichever is your preference.

Ask the officiant to type those words and to be responsible for that.

Alternatively, don’t take the job and say you are a bit “weathered when it comes to thinking about marriage and weddings and that you are not in the right head space for that right now.”

That fits in with a millennial response to the problem.



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It’s website maintenance. Leave other people to worry about the validity/morality of their own marriages.


Thanks everyone for the responses. It seems pretty unanimous, which is what I was hoping for, thanks!

Lara, thanks for also suggesting a response to them. It’s the perfect millennial response haha thanks!

I would ask a priest.

Civil marriage ceremonies do not presume that God is joining them together in holy matrimony. It is purely a state matter.

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A state matter that you should not be a part of if you can avoid it. If all marriage officiants had trouble getting their website fixed because all computer specialists avoided the LGBT agenda, that would be a good thing.

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