Should I take off the rosary when I need to use the bathroom?

I’m wearing the rosary as a protection as I was afflicted by some evil energies and exorcised recently. I pray the rosary prayers atleast once a day, daily. So, I don’t like taking my rosary off unless for praying. So is it obligatory to take off the rosary beads if I have to use to the bathroom? Is it a sin?

How are you wearing the rosary that it affects going to the bathroom?


I basically wear it around my neck inside my clothes and keep it in my pocket when I go out.

I can’t see the harm in keeping it on

Ok thankyou, I was worried if one should keep the rosary on when one needs to use the washroom. Anyway thanks for yr much helpful and assuring answers. May the Lord protect u and bless u. Amen.

U don’t have to be sarcastic, I didn’t know and that’s why I felt like seeking knowledge from someone who does. Yes, I do wash my hands and I don’t really touch it much as it’s mostly around my neck or in my pocket.

I’ll give you a friendly advice, if you have some problems with the old enemy and his crew, start to use the medal of St. Benedict.


Why do you have 2 threads on this?


Where can I get it?

Basically anywhere.
It’s one of the most famous and powerful sacramentals of the Church, so it’s not that difficult to find it.

Okay, so can I get it from my local church?

I think so, though I don’t know if your local church have it.
Any Catholic shop sells them.

It is not a problem to wear a rosary in the bathroom as long as you are reverent and keep it clean.

However, the Rosary is not intended to be “worn for protection”. Jesus and Mary will protect you whether you have a Rosary on or not. The Rosary is not a lucky protective charm and, unlike a medal or a crucifix necklace, it is not intended to be worn. I wear mine occasionally, but only because I am planning to pray it shortly and I need my hands free to drive and want to make sure I don’t lose the rosary out of my pocket. I take it back off when I am home and done praying on it.

Since you pray on your rosary during the day, it’s okay to wear it if your point in doing so is to have it handy for prayers. But if you want a devotional item to wear, I would suggest you get one meant to be worn, such as St. Benedict Medal, Miraculous Medal, or Brown Scapular. Also remember that these are devotionals, symbols of our devotion and to remind us to pray. The medals and such don’t “protect” us or keep us safe. It’s Jesus who does that.


But you are supposed to touch those Rosary beads Mark

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If he’s doing something with his hands, like driving, or carrying boxes, it’s okay to not touch the beads when you pray.

I do touch them, that’s when I pray my rosary. By not touching it I meant, I don’t uselessly keep touching it

Mark, are you Catholic ?

Yes, I am catholic.

I’m really not familiar with the practice of wearing a rosary like a necklace.

But remember— the rosary won’t put a force field of protection around you. But it might be a constant reminder to stay strong and pray. You could carry it in your pocket.

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Hey I’m wearing the rosary beads as a protection. I pray the rosary atleast once a day, usually before I go to sleep. Do I need to take it off when I need to use the bathroom? It’s like I’m wearing it for protection, not like a talisman, I know protection comes from God but it holds a symbolic importance for me, so I don’t feel like taking it off. So do I really need to take it off, is it a sin to wear it when u need to use the washroom?

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