Should I take this job?


I run a side business where I am a freelance writer. I have the opportunity to write for a group that creates and manages websites for churches. These would not all be Catholic churches, though I’m fairly certain that they would all be Christian of some denomination.

Is this something I can/should do?

The writing would not be apologetic or anything and I would obviously never write anything which tries to pull people from the Catholic church into anything else.

Thanks for any opinions/thoughts.



The way I see this, and BTW, this is my first post here, and all ready giving advices, but as I was writing, the way I see this is that you maybe should think twice. If the job is something you want to do you would never have ask this question. Right? And there is a risk that you, alas, would be forced to compromice your own faith at some point. Hence, think twice as I wrote earlier, a few lines ago. No matter what your faith is, it is always all or nothing, but what ever you do pray before you say anything, and do not forget to listen to the answer. OK?


You should talk to your pastor about this. I would say that it is not sinful to work on a non-Catholic church website for pay unless it is somehow directly anti-Catholic. We need jobs to support ourselves and our families and cannot restrict ourselves to working only for Catholics. We live in a pluralistic society where Protestant churches have existed for centuries and will exist for the foreseeable future. They, to some degree, share our Christian faith.


What type of content would you be writing?

Talking to your priest for clarity is good advice. If it were me, I would look at what I’d be writing and where it would be posted. As you say, you wouldn’t be writing anything anti-Catholic – which is a given. But I would also be sensitve about where it is posted. Even if it were some mundane article that I wrote, I wouldn’t necessarily want something with my name on it posted on the website of a Church that was virulently anti-Catholic – even just in the interest of preserving my reputation as a writer.

But if it’s appearing in places like “Christianity Today” that are expected to be a hodge-podge of contributors from across denominational lines, then I would think there would be value in having a Catholic voice present in that space.


Thanks for the thoughts so far.

First of all, my name would not be tied to the content in any way. I am writing for a company that creates and manages websites for churches. The content I write will be put up directly on the church websites and will vary depending on the specific site. I don’t have all the specific details yet, but I’m guessing it will be mostly general informational type of content.

I think I will have to get more information from the person who is thinking about hiring me on for this before I say yes or no.

I appreciate all the insights.

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