Should i tell my priest?

should i tell my priest that my dad should not be receiving communion because my mom has not gotten her annulment done? also, i cna’t seem to convince her to do it. she just doesn’t get it.

i’ve told him myself that he shouldn’t be receiving, but he won’t listen to me.

i know i shouldn’t be spilling their own personal lives bebcause it might not be my business to do so, but it’s hard to know the they are desecrating the eucharist every week.

please pray for them

In a word, no. The priest wouldn’t act on your revelation. You can,t know if they are in a state of sin. They could be refraining from relations or trying to. Pray for them. It’s good to pray for our parents a anyway.

Your mother may have enquired about an annullment without you even knowing and may not meet tbe criteria to get one…not everybody is granted an annullment after all…

I would say no in telling the priest,

  1. pray that God will allow them to understand that receiving His precious blood and body when under mortal sin is eating and drinking their own judgement and a sacrilege

  2. we all know that story in Matthew 18:15-20

so if you already told them and assuming that you are right and they are committing sin,

perhaps bringing a friend, that is a mutual friend who understands this and their situation already and show them with evidence that the church disproves of this and it is bad

  1. tell them to ask a priest instead of telling a priest

this may not be good advice, just some things I would consider myself , so please know that I merely offer these as suggestions and nothing more

Are your dad or your mum with another partner with whom they are having relations? If not, do not worry they are not in sin. If yes, ask the priest what you should do. :confused:

In the love of the Church,


U don’t have to tell your priest directly about your situation, but perhaps u can ask him to give a homily on this because u know some people who are in this very situation and come to this church to receive communion.

And sure, I will pray for your parents, too. :slight_smile:

they aren’t, i probably won’t tell him though

she hasn’t. she doens’t want to because she doesn’t want people knowing her personal life.

yeah good idea, maybe i will try that. thanks

If u do actually do this, just make sure your parents are also at that particular mass. ^.^

Should you tell your priest? No. You should mind your own business. As a matter of fact, since this is on the Family Life sub-forum it is appropriate to say that you are contemplating the sort of behavior that my wife and I disciplined our youngsters for. It’s called tattling. In an adult it’s called gossiping. Maybe you need to rethink your priorities.

Reb Levi

No, it’s not your place.

You’ve said something to each of them.

Now you should pray for them. Since your mother is a very private person, all the more reason to assume she isn’t telling you everything she thinks or does (or doesn’t do).

Worry about your own sins and let them worry about theirs.

We don’t go to our pastors in order to get them to make other people do the right thing, not unless those persons are preventing us from doing something that is our duty. We do go to our pastors to get guidance concerning how to handle difficult situations. If that would help you, it is OK to take this situation to him so that you can have his advice about what you ought to do and how you might get through the situation as well as possible.

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