Should I tell the priests about the practising gays in the congregation?

There is a practising gay couple in the congregation, one of the men is camp and effeminate and his partner is slightly younger, (looks nothing like him) I’ve seen them look at each other amorously, not in the normal way.

Should I tell the Priests about them? They shouldn’t be taking Communion if they are openly embracing mortal sin.

I would say mind your own business. Focus on your own sin and not the perceived sin of others.

Of course if they are serving communion or otherwise serving the church in the liturgy or faith formation, while promoting a gay agenda then it probably should be brought up.

are you sure they’re practicing ? how can you be sure ? how do know they’re homosexuals ? :stuck_out_tongue: :shrug:

What would this gain you or the church?

ummm no.

Would you tell them about a couple who was divorced and remarried without annulment? Cohabiting couples? Gamblers? Alcoholics? Etc.? I, personally, do not think it is my job to point out the sins of others, and i certainly don’t want them pointing out my sins. So, no. I don’t think you should say anything.

Also, since they were at mass, perhaps they have been to confession and are working out their temptation. Maybe the priest already knows their struggle.


You hypocrite, 3 remove the wooden beam from your eye first; then you will see clearly to remove the splinter from your brother’s eye. (Matthew 7:5)

But when they continued asking him, he straightened up and said to them, "Let the one among you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her. (John 8:7)

The only exception would be if there was blatant “flaunting” at the church that could turn others away (ex: making out in the parking lot).

How do you know they’re practicing gays? Are there any practicing heterosexual adulterers in your congregation? or prostitutes? thieves? child abusers? rapists?HYPOCRYTS!!!

We confess our own sins, not each others.


My story:
Okay am not Gay and I am not Catholic. I am a straight Anglican…

But I have some history of which parishioners love a good gossip with. I hadn’t needed to let any previous priests know because I wasn’t on the Altar. But knowing how some attitudes are I arranged a time with this priest so I could tell him my past sins since am now on the Altar and know that he will find out from others thru gossip so he got it too from me, I hope first. It wasn’t easy as didn’t know his own attitude at all and could have found a way for me to exit the Altar if he had been against.

But he was very understanding and said he would think it sad if anyone tried to tell him after all this time… I guess people did try to tell him as well as other stuff (of others I mean) because in a sermon a bit later on that month he stated very clearly ‘he didn’t want to hear it and it is sad…’ the words he told me what he would think. For me He saw it thru. Not only did he tell me what he would think, he remembered and told the congregation with the words what he told me. On how he hears such gossip. My information by the way has facts and I only have siad those to very few and the congregation would be just gossipping because whilst they know something they do not know what they would really like to know as kept if very darkly secret from them so I know what they know is just gossip. But the priest gave me trust in that he did as he said he would do well think in this case.

Okay, I am anglican and it is of very past sins but the priest was very understanding as such and gave me example of somewhere else he been to help provide that listening ear. If you inform the priest, although you are Catholic it may be that this priest does know of their situation and see it different from yourself. Fine by all means inform the priest, but what are you going to tell him? What has actually happend? What do you expect in return? That the people you talking about suddenly vanish from the congregation because you gossiped on them? Where is Chrisitan Love in that. Should we be watching who receives and who don’t. This is one area makes me glad that am indeed Anglican because this judgemental attitude of who is fit to receive ‘today’ would drive me so insane. No wonder you all get scrupelous at times. But love isn’t about that is it?

So what would you exactly tell your priest what is happening bearing in mind ‘Love’

If this couple is really practicing homosexuality openly, I would think the priest already knows. If you have concrete proof that is one thing. But just because a man looks effeminate is NOT a reason to conclude he is a practicing gay. For all we know they are 2 gays who are trying to support each other to lead a moral life and decided to go to mass together to follow the faith.

Know if you have concrete proof like you saw them march in a pride parade and they make comments to try to change the church teachings, I would start by asking the priest ‘If I suspect a couple is practicing homosexuality, how would you like me to handle it’ and let the priest decide if you should tell him


You know that behaviour that 2 people in love have, or love partners have. It was that kind of look they have for each other. UNMISTAKABLE!!!

It’s disrespectful to take communion in sin. It feels like they are contaiminating the church.

You know that behaviour that 2 people in love have, or love partners have. It was that kind of look they have for each other. It’s unmistakable lol

I want to go to a church and have it feel like it’s a clean place with moral people. Everyone sins, yes, but homosexual sins are especially dirty. It’s in the book of Leviticus.

How do you know they are in sin? Do you peek into their bedroom? :frowning:

yes,you do need to talk to your pastor. your need to talk to him about this thread! :rolleyes:

Here’s another Bible verse for you, just as applicable if not more so:
Matthew 7:3

What about the fornicators and the ones committing adultery, etc., etc. ? It is our own sins we are to confess. Many Lectors lead less than sinless lives but we do not go to the priest about it. Besides, looks can be deceiving .

So you believe this because of how they LOOK at each other???:rolleyes:

Do you also try to keep track of those that are fornicating? What about those that are committing adultery?

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