Should I tell them tonight?


So tonight I will be going out to eat with my mother and father. It will be just us three. I am 99% sure that they will bring up the subject of women. Should I risk wrecking the evenings festivities for my parents, at least for my mother for sure, by telling them I want to be a priest? It is New Years Eve and considering how my mom is I don’t think she would react well. I need to tell them I want to be a priest, as it is weighing on me considerably. So should I tell them tonight?


I really need advice…


Whatever you decide, I will be praying for you.

As far as telling them tonight, I would wait and see how the evening progresses.

You know your parents better than any of us, but, if her mood appears that she might have a hissie fit in the middle of a restaurant, I might wait until I got home. :smiley:

The Holy Spirit will let you know when it is the right time.


I don’t know your family, but given what you’ve said, I think you should put the issue off a little longer and try to address that at another time, in private, so as not to affect the festivities, as you say.

In another family, you would be able to do it at this time, have your decisión welcomed, even celebrated! However, since the situation is as it is, it’s your call, but if you have another opportunity to do it, where they can react more privately without it adversely affecting anything, that sounds preferable.



Yeah, timing is everything.


No, I would not tell them tonight. Tell them sometime when it’s not a festive night like New Year’s Eve and let them know you have something serious to discuss with them to give them a “head’s up.”


If it doesn’t feel right to tell them tonight, I wouldn’t.



I think I agree.


I am so excited! I’m glad you told me! What a blessing for you to be called and to answer the call! I am praying for you, and yes, you will know when is the right time to tell your parents. I would say wait until tomorrow, relax, enjoy your parents evening together, and make it a memorable night. Praying for a most favorable response.


You have to tell them soon, but not on new years, you’ll have to wait because it might ruin the mood for them because it is a festive time.

From a fellow discerner


Wait 'till they are half drunk to tell them.


ME TOO! So excited for you!
Have a great night and God bless!
Happy New Year :heart::angel::angel::purple_heart::green_heart::green_heart::large_blue_diamond::large_blue_diamond:



You’re in my prayers for a pleasant outcome, from your parents.

Priesthood is so precious to all people of our faith, and to our Church. I am SO HAPPY for you!!

You’re very blessed. God will be with you through the difficult times as well as the rewarding and joyful times. Trust in Him. I’ll keep you in my daily prayers.

God Bless You.


Praying for you …


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