Should I volunteer at the public library?

I have a mom who thinks I should do that as a foot in the door to library work. I do like libraries, so this sounds like a weird question, but, if you think about it, there’s very unclean materials (amongst which I count material that glorifies “white” witchcraft) and I don’t want to be involved in ordering, finding or checking out such materials–especially to kids. I like libraries for my own purposes. If I get some movie that is a bit risque, it’s riskiness is between God and me. One can even self-check out, anymore, at least in public city ones. It’s the same with video stores.

You could perhaps assist and direct some people to reading helpful materials and fiction as well as non-fiction which can be enjoyable and not harmful. You are not responsible for what others choose to read. I personally worked in a University Library during High School, and spent a lot of time in the Library during College. I found Librarians to be very knowledgeable, and often led me to books I would never have found otherwise. And this was in the 60’s and 70’s, when a lot of junk was also published.

They also obtained via inter-Library loans, many very informative and helpful books about the Catholic faith, and neither location was in a Catholic school.

I think the decision should be yours, if you are interested in this type of work. Remember, you in yourself cannot prevent other immoral books from being published, and you cannot prevent people from seeking such books. You are not responsible for what they choose to clutter up their minds with.:slight_smile:

I think you should talk to a priest about the morality of this kind of work. I am not sure, but your concerns about library work may be scrupulous. Every workplace is owned, managed, and staffed by sinners. It will be difficult to find a job which doesn’t have the slightest taint of evil. Good Catholics can find ways to live and work in this imperfect world. Perhaps you could think of it as letting your light shine in the darkness.

I agree it’s best to talk to a priest about this. My hunch is that it won’t be a problem because it isn’t your intention to do evil.

My kids are at the library right now. I hope there is someone there working, I would not consider it sinful at all.

Speak to your confessor about possible scruples.

Thank you for the responses. However, there’s scruples and then there is the never-revoked aspect of sinning called being an accessory to another’s sin (you could add “endangerment”). I could not give a child a movie that makes “white” magic a good thing. I might as well give the kid a ouija board. That video or book situation could come up. Obviously, the place, itself, is not a place of sin, like Planned Parenthood. I don’t find myself not a sinner or better than others working there. I’m talking about situations. I might be aware of hazards to others by providing certain materials they aren’t.

It looks like you have answered your original question.

God bless you!

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