Should I vote for a casino to be built?

I am leaning in favor of voting yes on a referendum to allow the construction of a casino in my city to proceed. The opposition is primarily funded by hypocrites who own casinos themselves and simply don’t want to compete with a Tribal casino. That said, I am apprehensive about the risk of said casino being a near occasion of sin for addicts, that they could gamble away money they need for necessities, resort to crime, or lead to despair deaths. Any advice?

I vote No on such questions. I think it only harms the community. Whatever tax revenue or jobs they promised is not worth the trouble it will cause.

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I should point out that some forms of gambling are already legal and readily accessible. We have a lottery, and you can play games of skill for money in most convenience stores.

This is always my position. Casinos don’t bring anything good.

Those too are a drain on society, in my opinion. Adding a casino will probably not diminish the lottery and gaming – different clientele – and will only add new social disorders.

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In principle the Church is not against gambling or money spent for entertainment. The Church is against forming addictions to worldly things and against wasteful spending. A casino doesn’t defy Church teaching by its existence, but the practical reality of most modern casinos is that they push the addiction angle pretty hard, including immoral enticements and psychological manipulation.

Those other casino owners are certainly hypocrites, but there’s no reason to support yet another future hypocrite moving into your city. I’d go “no” on this one – though I would point out that a “yes” vote isn’t immoral on its face, just perhaps unwise.

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Vote your conscience.

I’m not persuaded by the religious opposition to gambling. Show me one scripture or Church teaching that proclaims gambling to be a sin.


There is a Casino in my city. Have only ever gone to the buffet (surprisingly very good) and for an MMA fight. I think it is a positive generally but I also am not a frivolous spender.

I am a Nevadan.

There is a fundamental difference between destination and local gambling.

They have almost nothing in common.

Someone coming to Las Vegas (and to a lesser extent, Reno) has a ballpark idea on how much he’s going to lose at the tables, will go to a show or two, a fancy restaurant, maybe a massage or golf, etc. And he has an exciting chance of actually winning money. Some overdo it, but the economics is based on the tourist coming to the alternate reality for a couple of days or a week.

Even in Las Vegas, local casinos are a different story, with people expecting to win.

Outside of Nevada, there is a limited amount of high-roller gambling (e.g., Macau), but it’s the desperate attempts to win.

You just can’t compare the two types; they hav enothing in common.


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