Should I worry about what people think about my car?



    I would like some opinions. Ive been car shopping and I prefer older (late 80s early 90s I can afford newer but I just like the older ones) cars and I found a couple (a pick-up and a volvo wagon) but some of my friends keep telling me not to get those because then girls would never date me. Should I worry about that? Would a girl seriously not date me because I have a pick-up or Volvo wagon? Or should I not worry about that?



I would not date a girl who had a higher opinion of my car than myself. Buy the car you want and can afford.


Would you *WANT *to date girls who wouldn't like a Volvo wagon or a pick-up?


I love pickups. There is nothing sexier than a man in a pickup truck. :blush: But I would never reject a guy because of his car. My rule: it has four wheels and runs, it's good. :D


Thanks for the replies. You guys are echoing what I feel. I wouldn't date a girl that judged me for my car. I just wanted to see if anyone else felt like I do about it.


*You shouldn’t be concerned with that, but a woman would have a valid point to be concerned with a car that looks like it’s on its last legs, and you are taking her out in that…she needs to be concerned for her safety. :wink: lol But, from the standpoint of what she might think with this or that year or model…no, you shouldn’t be concerned. Don’t let what you see people driving, fool you… People lease cars all over the place. The person driving a BMW that you might see at the office, could be knee deep in debt and losing his/her house. We had a neighbor like this down here, drove a mercedes…and wasn’t paying his mortgage because of the mortgage crisis. What a person drives means nada.

I’d rather my daughter date a guy who is working hard to be debt free or not incur debt at all…and drives a very modest pick up or whatever…than date a guy who drives up in a BMW, that he’s overextended in, just so he can impress the ladies. :cool:

I’ve been living in Florida too long…this type of ‘‘thing’’ is very common here. *


Yes, it should run well! :smiley:


No joke, I have owned nothing but trucks, SUVs, and Volvos. I currently own Volvo station wagons. No problem with the ladies here :thumbsup:

In all seriousness, if she's worth dating (in my opinion), she'll be concerned with who I am and what I like. I'm into practical cars and other practical things. I'm into saving money and buying only what I can afford. If a girl isn't into that, then we aren't for each other.

In all other seriousness, get the Volvo. You'll fall in love with it.



The way I take care of a car its normally in better running order then when it was brand new lol.


Hey crts08, I think what is more important is that you keep your vehicle clean and working well. I think most women would rather ride in a clean good looking older model car than a dumpy new one.

P.S. if it were me, I would go for the pickup!


I’m not going to get into a car that is broken. :slight_smile: I once dated a guy that drove a old pickup truck, we would take it hunting and fishing. My dream car is a red pickup truck. :smiley:


This is a very attractive quality to women…seriously. Men who are good at fixing cars, things around the house…this is good. :smiley:


And I also make sure my cars are clean. If when the sun is out you can look at my car without sunglasses then its time for more wax!


I’ll second that! I like a man who isn’t afraid to get in there and get it working. I couldn’t think of a more innocent way of posting that :blush:


I guess I’m in deep trouble, because I can’t lift a hammer…I call my sister for car advice all the time! Um…ladies-want to talk about chess instead? :wink:

Dude! Don’t worry about the car-I drove a geo metro for years and I still got girlfriends. Heck, I drive a PT Crusier and a 1998 Chevy S-10. Both aren’t girl magnets-but I have no problem meeting women.


I don't worry about what people think about my *not having a *car, so. :D

Could be nice to have a 4X4 with jaws painted on it, though.


The kind of woman who would not date you based on your car is the kind of woman you do not want to date anyway.

If you have a choice get a pickup/van that way you can make money with it to.


This subject is giving me a good laugh. The first time he picked me up for a date, I met him at a public place. As I am walking with him to his car…I see it! Oh! :eek: Look at that gorgeous sports car! Yes! That looks like fun! :thumbsup:

And then we walked around it to his car…about ten years old, and none too exciting :shrug:

Momentarily, I readily admit I felt the disappointment…but I very quickly realized he was driving some he’d bought and paid for; that this was a good sign he didn’t make unneeded, extravagant purchases. It’s turned out to be true. We’re getting married just around the corner. :stuck_out_tongue:


I have friends with nice cars, and friends with ordinary cars and friends with ****** cars. Honestly, to me they all look pretty much the same. The only thing I really know is that there are vans, trucks, sedans, and convertibles. I don’t know a mustang until someone points it out written across the bumper.

What I hate are car smells, either those of poorly maintained cars (oil burning, belts smelling) or poorly cared for…(rotting Mc.Donald’s fries, spilled milk)


The only time you need to worry about your car making an impression on a girl you date is if that’s the first thing she sees when she meets you…

PLEASE tell me you’re not meeting women at red lights! :eek:

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