Should items that have been blessed ever be sold?


Just a quick question - I searched the forums but couldn’t find it…

Can items that have been blessed ever be sold? I’ve read that they shouldn’t be but I have seen blessed items for sale, and also pre-blessed items for sale in various places.

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I’m pretty sure that they cannot be sold, but a DONATION price can be suggested!


thanks for that, I was asking as there’s a Christian store on the net that gets its prish priest to pre bless items before they are sold… and i thought it was a bit strange as a blessing…correct me lol… but it’s kind of like you saying to God: I’m only going to use this item for a religious purpose…and they can’t know that about a stranger over the internet…

and then of course there’s ebay lol :slight_smile:



Well, given that many Catholic families request their parish priest to bless their new house before they make it their new home, I would have to say that, yes, you can sell something after it’s been blessed. I sincerely doubt the Priest blessing the house expects the family to stay there forever.


ok, so you can sell a blessed item so long as you do not get it blessed to make a profit on it, or for the sole purpose of selling it?


We are selling our church. It will be decommissioned. But it was stilled a blessed (ie holy) place for many years.


I’m reading Catholicism for Dummies as we speak and that’s why I posted… I don’t know which of the priests that wrote the book is talking here but he’s speaking about when someone takes an item to a priest to be blessed… not like a church I don’t think. he says:

“So almost anything can be blessed, as long as the item will only be used for moral purposes and isn’t going to be sold” (page 15).

It was only a small question anyway lol, thanks for everyone’s comments.


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