Should Lenten resolutions be kept on Sunday?


I understand that Lenten resolutions are voluntary forms of penance, but recently my friend and I were debating whether these resolutions are obligatory on Sundays, if they are on all other days during Lent.

I have been told throughout my childhood that we do not have to keep these promises on Sunday’s because Lenten resolutions are forms of spiritual fasting, and Sundays are never days of fast. Was I misguided or is this logic correct in regard to spiritual discipline?


Since Lenten resolutions are a voluntary practice, keeping them or setting them aside on the Sundays of Lent is a matter of personal preference. Some people keep the resolutions even on Sunday out of a desire to go the entirety of Lent without breaking their resolutions, others set aside the penances on Lenten Sundays in honor of the Lord’s Day. Either practice is perfectly fine.

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