Should Louisiana sterilize the poor?

I’m definitely against making the tax payers pay for sterilization, but I do think there is a big problem of generational welfare. I think we need to reward personal responsibility and discourage dependence through time limits for welfare and work requirments.The current system encourages a cycle where people stay dependent and have raise their children to do the same. This hurts everyone.

The guy from the movie the pursuit of happiness comes to mind.

This whole idea is disgusting if you ask me. It all began with abortion and contraception. They have come to the conclusion that they have the right to manipulate a persons genetics. It is disgusting and it will be the destruction of humanity.

Disgusting, people do not loose their humanity based on their income level. :mad:

After reading your comments throughout CAF…while I understand where you are coming from…I disagree with most of your positions. How do I come about this? I have an HFA “hikikomori” son, if you will.

I would like you to keep in mind that NT’s deal with life issues very “emotionally” and “passionately”. Therefore, they see some of your cut and dry issues as not the way to go. I don’t believe messing with gene pool is ok. I love my son the way he is, logical, two word answers, manga reading, anime watching, otaku that he is.

Don’t allow intellect to cloud your mind of self. You were once a zygote and I don’t think your mom would like anyone messing around with you. Life matters are not logical. Please understand that concept. There is God, a greater being than you and I could ever imagine. My son does not discuss God or religion as it is as foreign to him as it is you. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t believe in a higher power…he just doesn’t discuss it. Nor does discuss emotional issues…it makes him as uncomfortable as it would me if I had to watch a horror movie. Those reading this do not understand. You do. I know that. I am putting this out there for your benefit…so others will not deamean you…(I know you don’t care)…because you do have some good logical points :smiley: on your other posts.

NO, I don’t not think Louisiana should sterilize the poor. That is ridiculas. Who comes up with this stuff?

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