Should Mary be styled Queen of the Most Holy Trinity?


Is is proper for the Blessed Virgin Mary to be called the Queen of the Most Holy Trinity?

With regard to her coronation as Queen of Heaven and Earth and Queen of Angels and Saints, it seems to me that the of in the prepositional phrase indicates the sovereign’s domain and therefore implies a subordination. With this in mind, the title Queen of the Most Holy Trinity would place Mary above the Trinity and this would be an error in doctrine.

I have not found the title anywhere else on the web or in print, but I imagine that with the library at Catholic Answers you might have some source that relates Catholic acceptance or denial of this title when applied to the Mother of God.


It would depend on what is meant by the title. If it is meant to imply that Mary reigns over the Trinity, it would be inappropriate. If it is meant in a subordinate fashion (such as is done with queen consorts who are subordinate in status to their kings), it might be appropriate but should be conferred upon Mary by the Church before it is used by Catholics. To the best of my knowledge, such a title is not yet used for Mary by the Church.

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