Should my fiance move in down stairs?

I am engaged and my fiance lives in another country. :frowning: He is moving here in February :slight_smile: (Hooray) and that is three months before we get married.

I have a house here, and currently live with two of my sisters. It is a three bedroom three story house with three bathrooms.

When my fiance moves here he is moving to nothing. No job, no friends, no citizenship = no bank account… nothing. At first we were looking into him staying at a friends house of mine for those three months but as we were asking around we got a lot of no’s or… I don’t think it would work… Then my sister suggested that he move in here. It sounds like a good idea - he would be in the basement with his own bathroom and I would be on the top top floor with my two sisters and our own bathroom. We decided that if this is going to happen then we won’t see eachother in pj’s or anything like that at all. My sisters are into it so that is good.

Anyhow, we are going to talk with the Priest that is going to marry us about it and do lots of praying etc.

I have read nearly the entire thread about living together and never was there anything about roommates too… Also, there were some harsh things said - I am not looking for that. Just for some guidence, support and prayers to make the right decision.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Dear B,

Your fiancé has no money, no job, no friends, no citizenship and you are worried about where he should stay? You sound VERY naive. I have no doubt that you are sure that it is true love. But the citizenship thing raises many red flags for anyone looking at the situation objectively—not to mention no money!!

He definitely should NOT stay at your place. You are in my prayers. You certainly need them!

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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