Should my non-believer friend receive the host?


My friend is getting married soon to a catholic woman and in a catholic church. He was born catholic but denounces his faith. He is not a believer. His fiance insists on him receiving the host during their ceremony out of tradition and respect for the elders of the family. My friend has stated many times that he does not want to receive the host because he feels that it would be disrespectful given his beliefs. It looks as though he is going to take it anyways to keep peace with his fiance. Should he just do it or was he right in the first place to not want to take it?


He should definitely not receive it. The bride should be more concerned about showing respect to the Lord than about pleasing her relatives. She needs to get her priorities in order! The priest should be apprised of this.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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