Should one fast 1 hr after receiving the Eucharist and for those unable to receive communion?

I’m curios about the fast. I know you fast one hour before receiving the Eucharist. Should one fast 1 hour after receiving as well or just go eat after Mass? I’d also like to know since I can not receive the Eucharist is one still required to fast 1 hour? I ask this question because when one prays the prayer for those who can not receive the Eucharist it says “I desire to receive you spiritually” and “I embrace as if you were all ready there and unite myself wholly to you” Should one who is not receiving the Eucharist try to fast but not worry too much about if they do or don’t?


I don’t believe that this is part of OFFICIAL Church teaching (at least I’ve never been able to find it anywhere) but I was taught that if one swallows the Eucharist, one should fast for 15 minutes afterwards but if one allows the Eucharist to dissolve in one’s mouth, no fasting is required. Again, I don’t believe that it is part of official Church teaching, but it’s what we were taught and I still follow it.

One would not be required to fast if they are not actually receiving the Eucharist, though I’m sure it would be commendable and meritorious for the spiritual communicant to do so if it helps them join more fully in the communion. As for fasting after receiving the Eucharist, I have only ever heard the same as Sir Knight mentioned: that Christ is present in the Eucharist until it no longer has the appearence of bread, which once consumed is after about fifteen minutes. Christ ought to be adored for as long as He is sacramentally present. There is a story about St Philip Neri having seen a woman receiving Holy Communion and leaving the church immediately after Mass - seeing this as disregard for the presence of Christ within the lady herself, St Philip sent two altar boys with lighted candles to go with her as she was still a living tabernacle of God. So I suppose the message is that we should all be aware that Christ remains within us long after the moment of reception & that we should act accordingly!

My daughter and I aren’t required to fast as we can’t receive the Eucharist (Tiber Swim Team 2010). I don’t believe it’s required, but we do anyway, so that when we can receive, it will be second nature to fast by then.

There is no requirement to do so.

Again, there is no requirement to do so.

What you may choose to do as a pious practice, above and beyond anything that may be required, is up to you.


If fasting after receiving Eucharist were required, then how could Catholic parishes in good conscience offer Coffee and Donuts after Mass? Or Knights of Columbus pancake breakfasts? These social gatherings would be an occasion of sin for many of the faithful.

“Should” you? No.

“May” you? Of course.

Easy answers. Still, I’m betting this will go at least 3 pages anyway. :thumbsup:

:stuck_out_tongue: I never thought of that!

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