Should Orthodox convert?

Does the Catholic church teach that all orthodox Christians SHOULD convert to catholicism? Would appreciate if you could supply an official reference.

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Yes, they should.

The best scenario would be the end of the schism so every one of them would come back at the same time. It would be beautiful.


Of course :slight_smile:


One Hindu proverb says that there are many paths up the mountain, all leading to the same place.
Only fools waste their time insisting their path is the right one.

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Ut Unum Sint.

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What, so Hindus shouldn’t convert?

Orthodox already have the orthodox faith, so we pray for unity (rather than conversion).


It’s not a should or shouldn’t statement.


I don’t have access to the official documents right now but…

From what I remember after several years of working in Catholic-Orthodox relations, Catholics don’t speak of “conversion” when it comes to the Orthodox, but of “communion.”


Since you asked for an official source, I wasn’t going to post, but now I see everyone else is ignoring that so I guess I will post, lol.

To me it seems better if the Orthodox do not switch to the Roman rite. To me it seems that it’s very important for Orthodox who understand and value the Roman rite to advocate for the Roman rite within their own rite. The laity pushing for unity will be very influential.


I don’t think the OP is talking about Orthodox switching to Roman Catholicism. Under normal circumstances, even the Catholic Church doesn’t allow that.

Normally when an Orthodox individual decides to re-enter communion with Rome, he/she is admitting within the Eastern Catholic Church most closely associated with the Orthodox jurisdiction being left. So, for example, if an Antiochian Orthodox individual would decide to enter the Catholic Church (more appropriately “Catholic Communion”), he/she would enter into the Melkite Greek Catholic Church.

But what the OP is asking about is whether or not the Orthodox must “convert” to Catholicism in general.


I guess I don’t know enough about this to understand the question (ergo, I should’ve followed my impulse not to post, lol)

But Orthodox are Catholic, no? They have similar creeds, sacraments, etc.? I guess I’m unclear about the distinction you’re making

Although Catholics and Orthodox share the same core Faith, we are not in communion with one another.

The Eastern Catholic Churches are the Catholic equivalent to the Orthodox Churches.


No they should not :smile: :wink:


Thanks for all your replies guys. When you say “communion,” does that mean that it is okay for othodox laity to stay orthodox with the hope that their will be reunion? Or should they abandon their orthodox bishop and follow a catholic one (ideally in the same rite)?

The ideal is that Orthodox remain Orthodox until such time as the Orthodox Churches and the Catholic Church re-establish communion with one another. Several documents have come out of the Vatican condemning Catholic proselytism of Orthodox folks. That being said, the Catholic Church won’t stop individual Orthodox faithful from becoming Catholic of their own volition.


Phillip, can you share some of these documents?

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I’ll try to find them over the weekend. :slight_smile:

Thank you.

This is just me speculating- but I’ve had the feeling lately that communion will occur in our lifetime and- perhaps- sooner than we’d think. With the way events have happened this year- and how quickly they’ve happened- I think that when communion is re-established it will also happen (seemingly) quickly. God can work miracles. The signs of the times are there- and I think the East and West will truly be united again before the end.


Talk to God.

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