Should Orthodox convert?

I believe it is important to understand the Orthodox Church’s plural are a confederation of Church’s without one single head over all the Orthodox Church’s although some Orthodox Church’s remain in communion with the See of Peter or Bishop of Rome the Pope.
The Orthodox Church’s cannot and it is not recommended that they do not convert to the Roman Rite, for the exception of individual members vice versa.
The Orthodox Church’s are Apostolic within their own Rites, thus they remain Catholic and profess the Catholic faith considering the seven sacraments, priest hood, Mass, Eucharist etc.
Orthodox Church’s who object to St. Peter’s Chair (divine authority given by Jesus Christ) where the Bishop of Rome presides remain in schism which requires unity or communion to the Bishop of Rome. Schism is not the same as separated. Protestant faith’s are separated from both the Roman Rite and Orthodox Church’s. The separation requires a repentance from the Protestant faith’s and convert back to the Roman Catholic Rite. Where as the Orthodox do not have to repent from their Apostolic faith, just reunite in communion with the Chair of Peter the Bishop of Rome.
Peace be with you


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