Should our spiritual journey be lead by our feelings?

For example, you watched a Jesus movie or listen to Catholic musics that made you cry. Then you felt motivated to pray more intensely. Is this the correct way of progressing in faith and spiritual journey? Do you think it is wrong for our feelings to take over our spiritual lives even if those feelings are positive ones?

Batpriest is going to give a better answer, but I think your feelings should be important but need to be filtered through reason.

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Feelings are a part of it, but certainly not the totality, and we can actually be led astray by our feelings. Truth must be the first consideration. To be human is to have reason, will, intellect, and passions. While our passions can be moved here and there, they are not necessarily always going to be in line with truth. Faith is an act of the will, it is choosing the truth, it is choosing Truth himself.

God is truth, and since truth is a person, we must say yes to him in order to be in union with him. You might as well ask if feelings should guide a marriage. If everyone only followed their feelings in marriage, no one would stay married for very long.



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