Should Parishes have Labyrinths?

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I recently visited a wonderful parish for mass while traveling. The Church was currently raising money for a new park facility for children in the parish and also the surrounding neighborhood, which is awesome! I went over to check out the plans for the play facility and noticed the design includes a large section of park being devoted to an outdoor labyrinth. As a protestant convert, I am very familiar with and have participated in labyrinth pray. However, I cannot find a definitive source that says whether the Church teaches that this type of prayer is licit. It seems somewhat sketchy, and worth checking into.

If Catholic parishes should not have labyrinths, should I send a friendly letter to the parish priest asking him to reconsider the church’s plans? The project is still in the funding phase, so there seems to be plenty of time to adopt a more Catholic-centered plan. Help me out!


The following links should answer your question about labyrinths. If you have any further questions, please contact Catholic Answers directly.

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