Should ppl who do the act of terminating pregnancies undergo extensive psychological evalution each time after the act?


In my mind no doubt I’d be okay with the women who underwent the action to have extensive psychological assesement but I’m also wondering it would be a good idea for the medical staff would the action to get some evaluation as well. _ I mean if I’m guessing that there’s times particularly when a woman’s life is at stake that staff sadly and reluctantly do it…and that leaves some heavy stones in ppl’s hearts that could use some special kind of empathy and analysis from professionals

Yet as for those who make it there common work to do such deeds particularly those who work at clinics…well I’m really curious to know what keeps them ticking when doing such a thing and still think it would better if they got extensive assessments done on them after those actions even if they lack remorse.

I know the idea of ppl who do terminating getting psych evaluation wouldn’t have to be enacted if they weren’t do it in the first place (whether on a rare or regular basis :frowning: ) but wouldn’t it be a worthwhile inquiry to do if possible to help prevent such doings?.

:blush: Yeah,yeah.There’s additional questions like how the psych ppl are going to use their findings,who the info will be shared with,maybe the ppl who did it are too uppity and think that with their creditionals they’re beyond such evaluations etc but still… :blush:


Should people who murder children "undergo extensive psychological evaluation each time after the act?"

Should serial killers get counseling between each murder? No, they need to stop committing murder. Period. Then confess their murders and ask God's forgiveness. Any psychological counseling can come after the violence has stopped.


I think they could benefit from counseling but the bigger problem is the murders they commit.

If the mother's life is in danger, every effort must be made to preserve the life of both the mother and the child. Sometimes the child ends up dying, but this is a sad result of the mother's condition and not the doctor's intention to murder the unborn child.


There is that option. There are ministries within the Catholic Church for that very thing. The hell of abortion is that because in some instances, in some places it is legal. For what ever reason, people do this atrocity.

Some of these people, turn out to be decent good, but young and dumb people who wake to the nightmare of what they have done. To murder one's own child. A crushing and agonizing reality. The pain of such a thing can last a life time, so yes, these people desperately need counseling, especially if they are Catholic, for it is they who stand the chance of realizing the full gravity of what they have done.

God can forgive a mortal sin. What is so difficult is the mother and or father being able to forgive themselves, that is not always possible, even if the Lord has.


The first thing is to call abortion what it is which is the murder of a child in the womb of the mother. With abortion, the woman’s life is rarely at stake. But the life of the child is always at stake. But a Catholic who does this can repent, go to a priest, confess this sin, and be forgiven when the priest absolves the person of the sin.


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