Should Recreational Marijuana Be Legalized?


Was thinking the same with pot and alcohol. But the impairment come more quickly with pot. One needs to plan on not driving. A drink wont hurt but a little pot can. It comes down to personal responsibility which some people do not have and some have a genetic supposition to addiction.


I was also thinking in terms of danger to others. Getting high or drunk and driving endangered others…but then so does second hand smoke. I am glad it is banned at least on hospital properties and many other sites.


You never know when you may be called to serve.
Best not to inebriate yourself at all, even a little.


Is it ok to work in a store that sells cigarettes?


“horribly maimed” Are there other descriptions you’d like to try? Guns have nothing to do with this.


What’s wrong with “horribly maimed” as a description?


Millions work at Walmart and other stores that sell cigarettes, prophylactics, smutty magaziines and in many states, beer, wine and whiskey.

I don’t think its necessarily a problem at all to work there.


Guns are protected at every level in this country despite the horrible amount of carnage they enable people to create annually in the US. The butcher’s bill for our 2nd amendment is ridiculous. If you really care about public safety, where is your call for more firearms regulation and restriction at all levels of government?


I don’t see the logic of people who think that outlawing firearms or vastly restricting them even more will somehow eliminate violence.

I was doing a little history reading, looking back at the Golden Horde and the Punic Wars- very violent times. A lot of people killed or maimed.

And those events were long before firearms were even invented.


The bishops conference in my state said not to vote Yes to legalize it so there’s that.

That’s how I was leaning anyhow. I mean it passed but you know. Mob rule ftw.


When I smoked pot, besides the horrible anxiety attacks, I’m surprised I didn’t have a terrible car accident. I was MUCH more impaired than driving after drinking alcohol. Maybe my friend and I smoked too much of it.
We’d share a joint or 1/2 a joint.


Not trying to belabor the point or beat you up after the fact, but you shouldn’t drive after drinking alcohol (at least more than like one drink) or smoking pot.


Oh, I TOTALLY agree. This was back 35 - 40 years ago when I was stupid and trying to fit in a group. It was, for me, mainly just a way to fit in and identify with a group.


Indeed, however, the sheer ease of one person committing mass violence didn’t exist before easily–used firearms.

Major battles are something else entirely, but there’s something wrong when one person can not only outkill a Roman army squad, but that happens several times a year.

The Second Amendment is not going anywhere (and I for one don’t really know whether that is good or bad), but while the amendment has always been there, this country has NOT always had the level of mass killing we see now. That’s 21st century all the way.



If something is immoral and also illegal, changing the law won’t make it moral.

I for one would not grow pot, sell it or work in a pot oriented business even if the federal law changed tomorrow. Nor would I use it. Ever.

Businesses (if such there be) that handle it only as a side line, would to my mind be ok.



Fair warning: this will not turn out well.


If it is not ok to work in a store that sells marijuana then is it ok to work for a business that has as a major client stores that sell marijuana or farms that grow marijuana?


I agree with you, but I also voted to make it legal in my state.

Like alcohol, I’d prefer it was a legal vice that is better controlled.


Fair enough.

But personally, I’m not convinced that legalizing it will lead to better control of it.


I think it will lead to increased usage, but the criminal aspect is greatly reduced. This shifts the discussion to what is healthy and productive to your life.

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