Should Recreational Marijuana Be Legalized?


Why legalise more recreational drugs that can harm people? Why inflict more harm by changing the law to give the green light to additional harmful substances? Leave it as it is.


Where did you get that idea? I think it would be a bonus to the racketeers, by increasing usage of grass and removing the stigma.

Tobacco cigarettes are legal, and cigarette smuggling, counterfeiting tax stamps are major rackets, making many millions for the gangs.


Prohibition did decrease the amount of alcohol sold and consumed in America, and still does in a number of places. Many state and local governments had prohibitions long before the 18th Amendment was ratified, and some continued after the 21st was ratified, even to this very day. Jack Daniels whiskey is distilled in a dry county in Tennessee.


Legalized = no.

Decriminalized = a good idea.

With marijuana now legal in Canada and several U.S. states, there will be more empirical data to support what we already know: marijuana is bad for you and for your brain. Right now we’re going through what we went through in the early 20th century with cigarettes, where a lot of people favor make-believe data because it is convenient to their worldview.


The fact of the matter is, is that the RCC is strongly opposed to the legalization of recreational marijuana use. The Canadian bishops voiced strong opposition when legalization laws were introduced in Canada. Likewise, the U.S. bishops when laws were introduced in various states here in the U.S.

Even Pope Francis has strongly voiced opposition to this as noted in one of the links below. I find it curious that many on this forum, who regularly condemn other members here who voice opposition to the pope or certain cardinals and bishops on various issues, (Amoris Laetitia etc.) are all too eager to oppose them on this issue, and vote yes for the legalization of this drug.

Recreatioinal Marijuanna

My walk yesterday was ruined by the stench of cannabis because some inconsiderate jerks were using it in public. And a few weeks ago, a guy was carrying a joint openly. Those are against local bylaws but they didn’t care because it’s legal. Prior to legalization, users weren’t so brazen because it was illegal.


I see plenty of problems with drugs. Kids go unwashed, unfed, because mommy and daddy want to get high.


That’s not the problem with the drug itself but how it’s used. Same can be said for alcohol. Should it be illegal because SOME people abuse it?


I say: don’t add another substance to the legal list just because some people want it. Yes, some people will think that “legal” must mean it’s OK. It’s not. I’ve provided examples of health concerns.


Fair enough. Because grass is currently illegal, it should stay so because it is bad for people to do.

If you were around in the 1920’s, you would advocate for continuing Prohibition for the same reason? But not now, as liquor is already legal.


It’s not the 1920s. I say don’t give people more reasons to get high. To say it’s OK when it’s not okay.


Nonsense. If we have good reasons for making something illegal, we make it illegal for those reasons. It was an argument against the ‘incultured’ argument.

It seems you struggle to accept that alcohol is good, so I can understand that you’d struggle to justify it still being legal, that you’d have to reach for a weak argument like that.


That’s exactly what I mean. I do think that the oil used for medicinal purposes, IF it really doesn’t make one high, and IF other people aren’t inhaling it, should be legal.


Smell is hardly a reason to make something illegal, or we would have banned a lot of things. Also this argument does nothing to CBD oil.


I definitely respect and agree with their current stance. Legalisation should be done according to research, and the research should be permitted.

Their current arguments don’t cover CBD oil, which has been made legal in Denmark without condemnation from bishop Chezlaw Kozon, who is an excellent and rather conservative bishop at that.


CBD oil has been researched in the US by the FDA but there are still risks.

"Due to the lack of FDA regulation for most CBD products, seek advice from a medical professional before determining the best dosage.

"As regulation in the U.S. increases, more specific dosages and prescriptions will start to emerge.

“After discussing dosages and risks with a doctor, and researching regional local laws, it is important to compare different brands of CBD oil.”


Organized crime is also really loving the illegal drug trade. They will unfortunately always have, (or develop), a niche.

Regarding your article, legalized alcohol is also bad for highway safety. Where does prohibition begin and end?


Originally, I wasn’t making an argument against legalisation with that. I was merely responding to a post, which wasn’t even about CBD.

But now I realize legalizing it means it makes it more socially acceptable.

If I were making an argument in that post, I would point out how recreational pot has been shown to induce mental illness. It isn’t a mere correlation at this point. There’s also robust evidence THC has teratogenic effects.


There aren’t enough studies to properly show what the direction of causality is for the correlation. Whether its because the drug itself can induce paranoia, or depression, or whether its because depressed people will tend to self-medicate (which is what it appears to me in my limited knowledge).

Its also particularly hard because any study based on studies of populations alone, will be seeing a mixed result due to the strength of THC varrying strongly between various sorts of pot. And that most pot has seen a very strong rise in the amount of THC content, while the CBD content has been lowered.

There’s a profound lack of study of whether it was because of a low CBD content that modern pot is so dangerous. I believe this question deserves to be studied, so we can find it out. Until then I don’t believe modern pot should be legal.

I do believe that CBD oil should be legal. There aren’t any good arguments to be made against it and its already becoming legal in a lot of countries. Denmark being one among them. And I’ve seen it being used to good effect by a lot of people.


But that body of science is growing with the examination and testing of proposed biochemical pathways and it’s pointing towards THC causing illness.

Because recreational legalization isn’t about medicine, it’s about getting high.

This isn’t what most people have in mind for recreation. It’s inhalation and consumption of the plant rather than an isolate of one particular compound. I’m neutral on CBD legalization. CBD isn’t the compound that persuades me to be against legalization. It’s the hallucinogenic ones, THC being the most prominent.

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