Should Recreational Marijuana Be Legalized?


What is our responsibility as Catholics if we live in an area where there is an economic interest in the success of legal marijuana?


Legalizing marijuana makes it seem OK to use. The investors are hoping that new users give it a try to become long-term users. They are not talking about the negative health effects. This is a bad idea. Another social experiment and needless health problems down the road.

When marijuana was illegal, I was never arrested because I never had any.


This thread is like a monument to question begging and circular reasoning.


what i wonder is what is the morality when there is an economic interest in the legalization of recreational marijuana?


I believe the morality of any drug use is on the individual rather than what is legislated. Obviously, we are bound to obey just laws, but we are also bound to avoid those things which might impede our moral reasoning regardless of their legality.


The use of ‘recreational’ Marijuana is gravely sinful, in no small part because it deprives you of free will and allows Satan to wreak havoc with your behaviour.


Just out of curiosity, what’s your take on alcohol?



If it alters your mind or makes you make bad decisions, it’s sinful.


There’s an economic boom in legalizing prostitution too, doesn’t make it moral :man_shrugging:


Marijuana does not deprive you of free will. Where are you getting that idea?


The Catholic Church has voiced strong opposition to this. I posted about this just the other day on a similar thread.


I don’t think it deprives of free will, but it definitely can make one make bad decisions that they would otherwise never make.


It can, it doesn’t necessarily have to. Same with alcohol. The fact that it can be abused doesn’t mean everyone has to avoid it. Its all about individuals knowing themselves and their individual limits and weaknesses. For some people it might be a serious occasion of sin. For others, not so much.


An “it” cannot be sinful. Hammers are not sinful, abusing one with a whack up side someone’s head is
Marijuana is not sinful, abusing it is.
Where it is illegal, using it is sinful not because marijuana is bad, but because disobeying just laws is immoral.

Likewise alcohol: the substance itself is morally neutral, but abusing it is immoral.
Driving over the alcohol limit is immoral, even if it’s a delicious pint of Guiness. If you are drink one and drive over the limit that is a sin, because you are breaking a just law.

A lot of confusion can be saved in moral discussions by keeping the following in mind:
morality evaluates human acts, not substances.


It has established negative health effects and it is wrong to make it legal.


so then you are in favor of making alcohol illegal (again)?


I am in favor of the Church’s stance.


Fair enough.
But anything addictive can lead to sin.
Most potheads (myself included), refuse(d) to believe it is addictive.


There’s no doubt that even a small (effective) amount will cloud your judgement and change your inhibitions.

I’m not saying it’s all bad. I wouldn’t be upset if it was legal, I just know it’s not completely harmless morally.

Same with alcohol.
A few drinks is usually fine. Getting wasted is the problem.


I’m wondering if Leftists advance the cause of legalization of marijuana in order to make a larger portion of the populace ambivalent about the Left’s advancement of the socialist, government-control system.

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