Should Recreational Marijuana Be Legalized?


Fine in moderation, but getting drunk is sinful. :wink:


It does limit one’s free will, at least, and make one act in ways- including sinful ones- he otherwise would not.


theoretically, so could a million other things.


But one intentionally smokes Marijuana with the intent of an experience part of which is the at least partial deprivation of free will.


I’m anything but a leftist and I am in favor of legalizing marijuana because truckloads of people are getting killed over the illegal trade of it. That’s my reason for legalizing it. It’s a practical matter in my view.
And no case can be made that mariuana is more harmful that alcohol. Or cigarettes for that matter, although cigarettes don’t alter your judgment like the other.
But cigarettes are a health scourge that preys predominantly on the poor. Outlaw those.


That has been shown to be the case. A clear-headed populace with a desire for social stability is not desirable.


Where is your evidence for “truckloads of people”? Gang violence over the remaining illegal drugs will continue. Marijuana grow houses will continue to be found and raided. The contents confiscated.


Forgive me if this is unpersuasive. The first statement also applies to any number of things I doubt you’d want enforced by the criminal justice system (hope you’re also ready to criminalize alcohol, cigarettes, cheeseburgers, sugary drinks, failure to get sufficient exercise, forgetting to floss, and not going to bed at a reasonable hour) and the second statement is just a restatement of your conclusion, which is hardly an argument in itself.


I think you’re conflating “sobriety” and “free will.”

Just like with alcohol, there are degrees of high. Someone can get a little affected but not completely wasted and still in control of themselves.


The thc content in most marijuana today is very high. Not all alcohol is everclear. But most marijuana today isn’t mids



People are getting murdered over back alley abortion, cocaine dealing, prostitution, and meth trade too! Better legalize those!


Obey just laws.

Moderation in all things.


There is no reason to obey a law legalizing ‘recreational marijuana.’


yes, and marijuana has very different effects on the user than alcohol, even when one is under the influence. In fact, it can be argued, in the short term a person under the influence of marijuana is less likely to cause harm than one under the influence of alcohol or many other intoxicants.


How are you going to disobey a law legalizing marijuana use? Are you going to turn vigilante and start locking people up in your basement?

You do realize that laws legalizing marijuana don’t mandate that you start using it, right? Like if you have no interest or feel it’s wrong you’re perfectly free to simply abstain.


I will continue to remind people that ‘recreational marijuana’ use is wrong and harmful.


For sure. You’re obviously free to give your two cents, just like people are free to ignore you.


As a massive pothead for 17 years of my life, I can honestly say my life is better without it, even in moderation.

Never thought I’d ever say that, but after lots of prayer and a commitment to be as holy as I can, I definitely felt a push towards stopping.

And it wasn’t begrudgingly, I honestly couldn’t wait to be done so I could give all my glory to Him.

The ways my life is better without it far exceed the excuses to use it.


I’m glad you quit; it sounds like it was a real impediment to you. I don’t think anyone is arguing that there aren’t people who should avoid it. Just that there are people for whom it’s a relatively harmless indulgence instead of a major stumbling block.

For example, I like having a cocktail in the evening. I almost never go past one, and I don’t have any kind of problematic relationship with alcohol. Now, if I often drank more than I meant to, or came from a family with a history of alcoholism, that nightly cocktail might be a real moral hazard. As it is, not so much.


Relatively harmless is inaccurate.

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