Should Recreational Marijuana Be Legalized?


You either haven’t been reading what I’ve written or you didn’t read your own link. Most of the health effects it cites reference chronic use (which no one is advocating) or use by people whose brains are still developing (again, which no one is advocating.)

And sure, weed carries with it some potential negative effects. Just like alcohol, or an extra large pizza. I’m not saying “everyone should smoke weed all the time.” I’m saying adults should get to weigh those effects for themselves.


The FDA should weigh the evidence as it does for any drug. In this case, it’s simply being released into the wild.


The problem with comparing weed to alcohol is that our LORD Himself used it, therefore, it cannot be wrong. We cannot improve upon Him.

Unlike alcohol, we need to seriously weigh what benefit to anybody there is in non-medical marijuana. It’s not automatically defensible.



Cigarettes also.


Not disagreeing with you.
In fact I’d be fine if it were legal.
I just think it gets in the way of our path to holiness (At least my path).
I would’ve never thought this a year ago. Thought it was completely harmless. I still think it’s more harmless than alcohol, cigarettes, and even aspirin.
Still doesn’t make it morally okay in my book.

And I can’t say it impeded me a lot, I still held an important job, and raised my family pretty well.
I just know that the more I prayed the Rosary every day and the more I went to mass as required, the more I felt compelled to quit.

I’m happier because I feel more complete, more like who I am meant to be.
Not because “well weeds bad I guess.”


The question I had is not so much whether marijuana is sinful. Rather it is how do we live our lives if/when we ,live in a society with an economy that has an interest in marijuana as an important part of its economic well being?


Does anybody think it would be morally acceptable to sell marijuana? How about working in a business that sold marijuana?


Can someone work in a store that sells marijuana?


I like bourbon and vodka.


Good question.
My first instinct is no, but I don’t know. :thinking:
Since (in the us) it’s federally illegal, I’d be more inclined to say no, breaking federal law and all…


I have worked in the field of addictions & criminal justice for many years. Marijuana is not harmless and I am not if favor of legalization for recreational use. (Not a fan of alcohol or cigarettes, either - though cigarette use is becoming increasingly illegal). I have 3 main objections to recreational legalization. 1. Driving. Buzzed driving is driving impaired. No, you don’t drive better - you are lying to yourself. 2. The workplace. If you are working next to someone who has a buzz, who is picking up whose slack. Your employer can still fire you for coming to work under the influence or not hire you because of it. 3. Kids - developing brains & bodies. They are using at an early age already. The more legal & socially acceptable it becomes, the earlier onset of use. My “evidence” is based on 30 years of case study & not official research. More than 90% of the heroin users I have interviewed started abusing marijuana at an early age - (11-13). About 50% of the marijuana smokers I have interviewed experience withdrawal, which may be psychological, but manifests as irritability that continues for a period of 2 weeks or more when they stop use. The psychological attachment is problematic. I had a young lady explain it like this. “When I smoked marijuana, the world seemed so much brighter - why shouldn’t I enhance my pleasure? When I had to stop (due to arrest), it was hard. Everything was dull. But I decided that I did not want to “need” marijuana to feel that joy. Eventually, my joy came back, without the chemicals.” So my question is - why do you need a chemical high? Your body is wonderfully made & produces endorphins naturally. No need for marijuana or alcohol.


The FDA doesn’t determine legality. What I’m trying to get at is this: if the principle you’re endorsing is “unhealthy things should be criminalized”, on what basis are you in favor of legal alcohol, cigarettes, fatty foods, etc?


Good questions. I think a substance that impairs mental function and is addictive needs some control. That includes alcohol and marijuana but not cigarettes. But what kind of control? We see lives destroyed by alcohol which has only an age requirement. But cigarettes have that also.


I will take a step further. Because of the obvious and indisputable health risks I think cigarettes should be illegal. My father died of lung cancer.


My own position is that there is a continuum of harm and the amount of control a substance requires goes up as you move along the continuum. Some things, like meth or heroin, are so overwhelmingly harmful that they need to be banned outright. I just think marijuana is much closer to the booze end of the scale: needs regulation but not out and out bans.


Sounds reasonable. How about tobacco?


Or guns, for that matter. A lot of people in the US die or are horribly maimed due to guns—not just from murder either. Suicides, accidents, mistaken identity…

Guns and alcohol and opiates are contributing to death and serious injuries at an extremely high rate. Marijuana is not. But except for illegal opiate trafficking and use, the Federal Government and some posters here think marijuana is a more serious problem than guns and alcohol. :roll_eyes:


Can we regulate moderation? We would have to track purchases and limit them. Not very feasible.


My father died of heart issues brought on in part because he smoked for decades (although he quit before he died). I still don’t think tobacco should be illegal. I don’t think people should smoke cigarettes, because they are obviously a health hazard, and I certainly don’t think people should pick up the habit, but I don’t think people should face civil or criminal penalties for smoking tobacco products. Selling them to kids, that is one thing, and it is already illegal. But cigarettes are dying out anyway because more and more places have indoor smoking bans, the price of a pack is much higher than it was 20 years ago and young people aren’t picking it up at a rate anymore to replace people who die or quit. It is attrition. The government simply has to enforce commonsense laws and as smoking becomes socially unacceptable over time, less and less people will start smoking and more will quit.

But if a person wants to have a smoke on their back porch and aren’t bothering anyone, I don’t see any valid reason to get Johnny Law involved.


Arguably worse than marijuana, given that people tend to smoke cigarettes way more frequently than all but the most dedicated potheads. Still wouldn’t ban outright though.

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