Should Resurrection Crucifixes be hung in Churches?


At my parish, a Ressurection Crucifix is hung instead of the Crucified Christ Crucifix which you see in most churches. Can these crucifixes be hung in place of the traditional crucifixes? Are the resurrected crucifixes more of post Vatican 2? Also, where’d they originate from?


Lately I’ve been seeing this and related questions here at CAF. Here is one:
CAF - Ask An Apologist: Is a crucifix with a Risen Christ wrong?
Both the question and the answer are not that simple (precise wording matters), but the last paragraph says that such a cross “does not qualify as the required crucifix in the sanctuary,” though it may be permissible in other settings.

Also see this:
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It contains the following statement which gave me something to think about:
Jesus did not redeem us on Easter Sunday; He redeemed us on Good Friday by His suffering and death on the cross. We keep the image of his suffering body on the cross so that we will never forget how much He loves us.
Peace and Blessings to you and your parish.


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