Should she stay with him?


i was listening to the interview of the woman whose husband micraowaved their child…
she says she is going to stay with her husband to save the marriage… do you think that is right?


Let me think about that for a minute…hmmm :hmmm: …wait it only took a second…Absolutely NOT!!

No questions asked, no need to think, reconsider, hear arguements for or against, no way, no how! If I were her, you could not pay me enough to stay with that guy.

This has to be one of the saddest and sickest things I have ever heard of, ever!!

He deserves to be locked up and someone accidently lose the key.


I’ve purposefully avoided reading the articles about the man who microwaved his child because, as the first-time mama of a 5-month-old, I just didn’t think I could take it. So maybe you can just tell me: was it purposeful? was he insane or hallucinating?

Even if the Church marriage tribunal declared that the marriage was valid at the time it began (which means it is valid forever), I’d still leave the man who murdered my child. We might still be married, but I don’t have to live with him. And if they have other children, the mother needs to protect the kids from their father.


it was purposeful… he wanted to hurt the child as he was angry at the child…

do you think this thread could be taken as gossiping…???

i was just so grossed out when i realised that she wanted to get back with him… that i had to get your opinion on it… i am a little bit messed up even now when i think about marriage as i have just finalized my divorce… and everyone keeps saying how you should always try to hold it together no matter what …

also i keep seeing people on this forum trying to hold their marriage together no matter what… like Love31… i just dont know what are the limits now? looking at you guys makes me feel like there was nothing happening in my marriage… :frowning:


No, I do not think that talking over our feelings about such a situation would be considered gossip.

Because I cannot imagine being able to forgive AND continue to live with someone who did such a thing.

Now, the question of whether she should or not brings up a deeper question for me - would I be able to have children with such a man, and if not then why would I want to stay with him as his wife…


i like ur thinking… as that is a valid reason for not being a part of the marriage anymore…





That is a reasonable question. But as a Catholic the next question would be, do you separate and live as a single person or do you get your marriage annulled. I have not idea how a tribunal works, but I would think that someone who could do that has to be mentally unstable and so there might be grounds that they also couldn’t make the vows because of that instability.


Absolutely. I agree completely with this. Which, of course, means that I would live the rest of my life as a celibate single woman. I haven’t read any of the articles, either, because I can’t handle it. I look at my precious 16 month old DD, and I fight back the tears, thinking of someone doing that to her. :crying: Sometimes, as in this situation, I think it is entirely reasonable to leave.


Danger to children is a valid reason for separation.


I wish it was only the microwaving. Here is what else he did…[FONT=Arial] “he placed his 2-month-old daughter in a microwave oven, a refrigerator, a hotel room safe and punched her in the groin” He was here in Galveston to spread the word of God. [/FONT]
[FONT=Arial]She should have continued on with the divorce proceedings after he hit her while she was pregnant! [/FONT]


And my kids think I was mean to them!


I’d stay … then poison his dinner and make it look like an accident. :eek:

I’m only kidding!!! I can’t believe anyone would think of staying with someone who harms them or their children. Whether the marriage is valid or not, you don’t have to stay in that situation. You just can’t date or get married again.


Mean? You? What did you do to your kids to make them think that? Did you kick them out of the house when they turned 18 or throw water on them as babies :wink:

My dad did that to my sister and i think she still loves him


Welll one of them had a weak bladder and i had to pull over all the time to let her go to the bathroom but i never put her in a safe becuase of it!


Won’t the guy be in jail? So, she can’t literally still live with him.

I’d leave but I think that I can guess why the woman remains.

Whereas in Catholicism, if we can’t get our marriages annualed we at least have the option to leave and live a celibate life, some fundamentalist women don’t have that option. If they don’t remain in the marriage, doing their utmost to follow thier hubby’s will, then they are seen as failing in their faith.:frowning:

I even found a website a long time ago that basically said that to disobey the husband is to somehow disobey Christ. This extreme is not the normal type of submitting that most Christians believe in.

Perhaps that is the background this woman is from.


This is the problem that a lot of evangelicals have with their flawed interpretations of Scripture. They seem to think that adultery is the only reason to leave a marriage. Makes me very thankful to be a Catholic.


It is very sad, really.

I think without the authority of the church, some Christians either are left thinking divorce is just fine or they think that they have to remain in horrible situations.:frowning:

I am very thankful that I am Catholic also.


absolutely not.
omg i hadn’t heard this story…this is horrible.:mad: Granted, we are to be compassionate…but I would never in a million years stay with my husband if he was abusive to our kids. No way.

I’d rather be celibate forever…than to be married to an abuser…of any kind.


Just were was the mother when he was doing all this to the baby?:shrug:

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