Should someone who struggles with sexual fetishes be allowed to marry?


I am just wondering this because one of my better friends has a problem not just with porn, but with fetishes as well. He really feels called to marriage, but at the same time I worry about him because he doesn't really have a lot of good friendships with women though to my knowledge he's never had a girlfriend or even touched a girl.

I was reading a book though about discernment, and it talked about JPII and theology of the body and it talked about how if one struggles with these issues and isn't practicing Sexual Integration, it will be hard to discern a vocation, especially if they have things like fetishes.

So should my friend not get married? I know he doesn't have a spiritual director but is in the process of getting one, and I myself can't really tell him anything.


Is your friend actively considering getting married to someone rather soon?
If not, then your friend has time to get into counseling to do some work around these issues.

If your friend is getting married soon- - - - hopefully he/she has already discussed and disclosed these issues to their intended spouse.


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