Should Stigmatics be Celibate?

Let’s say that you’re an authentic Stigmatic whom the Lord has blessed with visible or invisible Stigmata. Do you think it would be necessary to remain celibate since the Lord blessed your body with His Holy sign? I know that most historical Stigmatics were celibate, such as St. Francis and Padre Pio. What are your thoughts on this interesting miracle?

What would be the reasoning to be celibate, or continent if married? The marital act is holy so I can’t see the reason for the question, especially since the stigmatic is prayerful and God would let them know how to live out their vocation.

Maria Esperanza, a stigmatist, was a married woman and had several children.

I’d vote a third option. If one is very close to God, one can have the stigmata whether single or married, I think.

I do not think to remain celibate needs to be followed if a married person received the gift of the Stigmata. Some married people have already received it and I will not be surprised to see a lot more in the future.

Like anyone who is striving for authentic discipleship, they should remain faithful to their vocation, what it may be.
We ea h have a vocation. Be faithful to that, stigmatist or otherwise


None of our business, no way, no how.

I voted Celibate but only because I think that most of the approved Saints with claims of Stigmata were Celibate. That is not to say it is impossible for those who are married to get stigmata or suffer for Christ. I am very cautious - especially today - of those who claim stigmata, but at the same time there have probably been many holy souls who have had invisible stigmata or suffering. Indeed many of the Saints suffered invisible stigmata - even Padre Pio at the beginning until the Lord made it visible, which caused him enormous embarrassment - which only increased his suffering - obviously the will of God for this great saint!

If they are priests then yes as it is a requirement but if not then no I do not think they should. It is up to them if they get married or not. Its none of our business.

God blessed the bodies of all people. Sadly, many then choose to abuse them.

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