Should Terri Schaivo have died


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She should have never been allowed to be legally murdered.

It is now necessary for us as a nation to look into holding those who allowed this responsible, and putting into place laws preventing this again. Shelter, reasonable care, air, food and water are necessities of life. Not exrtraordinary life support!


I have a question about this then. If Terri Schaivo went into this state inwhich she would die without life support, how do you know it was not the Will of God? How do you know he wasn’t calling her and we ourselves were playing God keeping her alive so many years? She was a Catholic. She couldn’t participate in any religious activities. She couldn’t even pray. All that her body is is a vessel for our soul. Don’t you think keeping her soul trapped in a useless vessel is worse than keeping her in a state of nothingness for 60 years?


In time when in world thousands die by insufficient mediical care is it wise to show this case as something important?

And what if there will be introduced even more modern life support systems which can make life much longer? will there be full hospitals of unfunctional organisms?

if people have nothing to do they can find similar problems and make from them global events.


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