Should the catholics get mad or irate when they are discussing religious issues


I have encountered some catholics who were easily to get irate when I was discuss religious issues with them. Should they get so irate even we have some different opinions? Didn’t God tell us to love, forgive and be patient?

P.S. I am sorry I posted this in the wrong section. I should have put this in Evangelization.


We shouldn’t get irate, although we all have natural human responses to opposition. We need to remain respectful of others…but I think we all know that!


No - but being humans with Original Sin, it is super hard to keep the zeal for Him that we all want while remaining humble, loving and patient.


Simply put, no, but then again were all human we can’t be perfect all of the time, we all have certain faults of our own. If you could find any group without at least one person who has a little bit of a temper I would be rather surprised. Just try to discuss things with them in a calm, relaxed environment, sometimes people here something and another thing is really said and they consider it to be a kind of attack on them, could easily be a misunderstanding.


Acutally there sre people that only come here to push others buttons … I am sure of it…and sometimes it’s catholics doing it to other catholics

Some people are not able to discuss anything, if they can’t control other people they get mad…no they shouldn’t do it

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