Should the Pope apologize for using the quote? (Part 3)


On a practical note, no amount of apologies will silence the outspoken clerics of Islam, as their agenda clearly is to spread Islam to the entire world with all means they think are acceptable. And as long as they are not willing to remove the beam of superiority from their own eyes, nothing but the West’s total submission will satisfy them.

So my answer is that I have no answer. What often happens on Earth is that because people are blinded by the duality consciousness of the human ego, they create situations where there is no ideal outcome. Thus, it is impossible to come up with a quick and easy solution that will fix this situation. Whether the Pope apologizes or not, it will make no substantial difference.

What would make a difference was that the situation was used to foster real dialogue and attention on the problem of exclusivity that I described above. However, I predict that this is unlikely to happen as the world press and most people involved with this debate are currently too superficial in their thinking to even fathom the problem.

Nevertheless, there is always a potential that a conflict like this will focus attention on a problem and bring certain things out in the open where people can finally see them for what they are. Thus, I am ever hopeful that situations like this will help some people on both sides see the beam in their own eye more clearly.

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