Should the Pope "apologize"?


Should the Pope “apologize”?


Nope, but I think he should clarify his statements (which, clearly, could be, or were, misread). I read his speech, and I think he could have clarified a bit more why he used that particular quote and for what purpose.


My next amazing prophecy is that most people will answer “no” in this poll. :smiley:


Nop :smiley:

Exoflare you are a prophet :thumbsup: but please don’t say the previous scriptures were corrupted so God needed you to “correct” them :smiley:


Hey they aren’t ALL corrupted, just the ones I don’t agree with. :wink:


you beat me up …i forgot this option :banghead:



Given the fact that the Muslim reaction was to underscore the Pope’s point…NO, he should not apologize!

I also think that the people who are reacting so strongly have egg on their face and clearly did not actually READ or HEAR what was said.

Violence in God’s name is completely contradictory to God and how he created us…and that was the point. Then a bunch of asinine (can I say that word?) Muslims go out and burn an Anglican church.

I could say more but I’ve said enough and I don’t want to move into uncharitable comments…


I say “no!” I am glad that B16 bomber had dropped some napalm bombs on the religion of peace. Hopefully, the damage will be long lasting.


I selected…

No, Muslims should apologize to Christians for persecuting them.

Pope Benedict XVI said nothing wrong. He has nothing to apologize for.

I have to confess that Pope Benedict has greatly surprised me. I can remember a time when I was actually nervous about him before he became Pope.

I thought for sure that Cardinal Arinze would be the next pope after John Paul II. I’m not saying that Cardinal Arinze wouldn’t still be a great pope-- and perhaps next time around he will. But now I am glad that the Holy Spirit has dissapointed me in my expectations.

We’re going to need someone with a strong voice very soon.

Edit: Please note, although I know there are serious theological differences between Islam and Christianity, I would still never wish any harm upon them.


No, no, no, and for the last time no!

The Holy Father said nothing for which he should apologize and he was right.



On one of the yes votes the voter felt it was wrong to imply Christianity is superior. First what would you expect from the Pope. Second Muslims hold it as an article of faith and never tire in claiming that Islam is superior. They expect us to accept that like good dhimmi and “stay within our limits” as one sign said. The Pope is no dhimmi. That is probably what offends them most.


Why apologize for telling the truth?


Well Pope shouldn’t apologise standing being righteous, however should his message delibrately causes hurts or create stir among others then this is should not be the case. I’m happy that the Pope did made his apologise to the Muslim because his intention of the message is to address Sin that was brought upon killing and killing shouldn’t be link to any religion in the world. However unknowingly he did not release that Muslim are highly sensitive and very protective against their religion people, that is why he ultimately done a good thing in giving his apologise to those that are hurt by his words.

Brethen Catholic Brothers and Sisters, if your Pope can demonstrate such a high level of great wisdom and knowledge in giving apologise to the Muslim, then you ought to be in line with his thinking because he is the one who head the Church right!!


Are you being serious? You sound pretty ignorant of how papal authority works.

EDIT: I just realized how inflammatory that sounds. Sorry about that… but I didn’t know whether or not you were serious.



Even though i am not a Catholic and does not know how the papal authority works, but as a Christian as Christ believer i am proud that the Pope has made his apologise. I see myself as a Christ believer which make no different with you, coz we worship the same Jesus Christ.
So Catholic should even further understand why the Pope need to apologise since you all know his authority. So isn’t it strange when most of the members does not think the same way as their leader do.


Perhaps HHF is more gracious than the rest of us. But the operative word here is QUOTE. The Pope did not originate the quote himself. All of us can be too thin skinned from time to time and some others may be just waiting for an excuse to act out.


Should/coudl/would the Pope apologize to Satan??? :whacky:


So far #3 is winning.


No, he shouldn’t apologize but he did, according to a news clip I read, for fear of back-lashing at the Vatican. The story basically said he apologized to try and prevent more violence
Here’s the link:


Those options seem very limited and somewhat designed to simplify the opinions of those that do not answer “no”. Nevertheless, I chose #2. While it’s a far cry from what I think, it’s the closest on that list.

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