Should the Resurrection be added as a 15th station of the cross?

Our new church has the standard 14 stations of the cross but added 15th showing christ risen. I objected to this but the priest in our parish said I had no grounds to object. what is the story on the stations of the cross and a local priest adding a 15th

As a devotion, the Stations of the Cross are not strictly regulated and there is nothing which prohibits a 15th station depicting the Resurrection. However, such a station may be inappropriate during Lent. In his book *Ceremonies of the Liturgical Year * Msgr. Peter J. Elliott agrees: “Since the Second Vatican Council, some alternative sets of the Stations of the Cross have been proposed, duly authorized, and even set up in a few churches… However, because these stations usually conclude rather suddenly with the Resurrection, they may seem inappropriate during Lent. Under normal circumstances, as a Lenten devotion, it would seem pastorally wise to retain the Way of the Cross that is familiar to the faithful” (p.124).

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